Healing Azeroth Begins!

*care for quest spoilers

This morning brings us with downloading 16 GB worth of new data – I guess it’s expansion files, and a new small questline  to continue our journey to heal Azeroth.

The questline is now available for every toon of 110. If you didn’t even kill Argus – you’re now given a quest to Nathanos/Matthias Shaw to start the Silithus questline. So Blizzard urges us to the next expansion events.

The questline takes place in Silithus – obviously – as Magni summons the champions to heal the wound. We arrive at our faction ship where the other champions are, and under Magni’s command we drain the power of Sargeras’ sword into our artifacts.


Boom, all your artifact weapons are now 126 level, and from now on you may sell the AP tokens to vendor.


There are few strange/remarkable things in these two quests.

  • Obviously the wound is not healed – we just stopped the corruption for a while.
  • Artifacts did not lose their powers – in fact, they’ve become more powerful than ever (I was updated by guildmates that the previous cap was 101). So we’re not closer to setting them aside.
  • The list of champions on the Alliance/Horde ship is different! Here’s some food for thought:


When your champion happens to be the same class as one of those present, this champion is not there. For example, I bring Micromantica the Mage to Alliance airship – Vargoth is not there. I bring Faerella the Warlock to Horde airship – Ritssyn goes away.

It is interesting that obviously both factions participated in the event, and they came all from different order halls, never crossing.

The strangest thing is that Darion Mograine participates both in Horde and Alliance events. Well, he’s obviously Alliance because Human (remember Thassarian/Koltira), but does he qualify as an Undead as well? Either way, he makes it 7 Horde champions and Alliance goes with 6.

Anyways, this questline and the next where we give in our artifact power is gonna be completed by all of my toons. They’ve earned it, and it will be the end of their Legion campaign – well earned. After that, the toons go on standby except for those I choose to be my frontline in Battle for Azeroth.

I’ve defined my character roster for Battle for Azeroth as follows:

  • Micromantica – Gnome Frost Mage
  • Aurinko – Gnome Holy Priest
  • Paitsu – Gnome Brewmaster Monk
  • Schlitzchen – Goblin Enhancement/Elemental Shaman
  • Jammu – Highmountain Feral/Guardian Druid
  • Helu – Tauren Balance/Restoration Druid

Second queue:

  • Faari – Dwarf/Dark Iron Fire Mage, will be rerolled and leveled from 110 as soon as possible. Her name will be a subject of change as well.

Pre-patch is upon us.

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