Catching Up on Argus


Do you know how much time do you need once you hit 110 and to the Antorus entrance ilvl of 890? One day.

My routine is pretty fast and quick now.

  • Grab every Argus gear token, put it on.
  • Check for the world quests on Azeroth for 860-870 gear pieces. There will be some.
  • Do every raid LFR available to get gear upgrades and fish out your first legendary (it will drop by all means). While in queue, throw in emissary questing for extra chance.
  • Do Argus questline in full – this gets you a relic of 880, your first Argunite 910 piece, lots of upgrades of AP to drive your artifact to no less than 70, and will open plenty of world quests with gear upgrade options.

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to step in Antorus and every drop will be an upgrade. A quest for the Argus kill grants you the second legendary piece.

My allied toons are quite good with it. Kalaari, Myde and Jammu are already attuned to Antorus LFRs and starting to gear up there. Arkeona is rapidly catching up. She is done in Krokuun and ready for Mac’aree piece. She has no pieces below 860, she is 877 ilvl, and once she gets a single legendary drop, she’ll be there in Antorus. The final leg of my Legion’s journey.

Can’t get enough of those shots


Cherry on top, while on her profession questing in Emerald Nightmare Jammu has suddenly got a hidden artifact appearance! As my druid Helu is a caster only (Balance/Restoration), Jammu is about claws (Feral/possibly Guardian). So a bear drop for her is very sweet if I’m gonna tank with her.



6 thoughts on “Catching Up on Argus

    • Reset evenings of course are the most productive.

      Frankly it all depends on the random. If LFR throws in enough overgeared and/or experienced players, the raid flies as smooth as possible. More than ever, nowadays there are many people that are leveling their alts or catching up with the content, so the encounters may be a total disaster.

      Yesterday it was funny how we kicked off both tanks out after our first Aggrammar encounter try. They are not ready for LFR! They couldn’t keep the boss facing the raid all the time, they turned it and wiped all the raid. After that, they were shaking their “Ahead of the Curve” and insulting everyone else. People shrugged: well, it’s not how things are done in LFR – now you know it for your next group, and both were kicked for good.

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