Leveling Done – Off for Raiding


The last of Allied Races leveling is complete – Arkeona hit 110 yesterday!

Arkeona’s racial transmog set for the achievement is actually very nice, but it’s obviously a caster’s gear, so no chance my rogue wears that:


It may be used as a holiday attire, so royal.

Upon 110, you’re allowed to Argus gear tokens. I scraped as much as 4-5 items per toon which drove my toons from 780-ish to 820-825. Do we go to Emerald Nightmare for upgrades? No way.

Your bread and butter is fishing out the world quests which grant you gear. And they grant you no less than 860-865 items, with a great chance to be improved to 875 or more. Every item acquired brings you 4-5 ilvl up, so just lazy checks and hawk-style completing these quests will save you lots of queue/raiding time.

In just two days of world quests checking Jammu improved from 820 to 857 – almost Tomb access of 860. I think I plan LFRs not earlier than this raid, so it’s a lull by now.

Besides that, I have emissaries to complete for legendary gear – imagine what a boost it is, acquiring a 1000 ilvl item instead of some 780.


So, my leveling journey for all allied races took February 1 – June 19. Not that long, considering I had Antorus on my hands to farm for transmog of 12 classes, and 12 toons farming paragon mounts, plus several grindy achievements.

Frankly I’m quite exhausted with the journey, I didn’t have 4 toons to catch up simultaneously after Pandaria. And I’m glad it’s gonna be a while since I return to leveling.

I’m not sure I want any other allied race to be played. Zandalari are ugly dudes. while I totally dig and respect orcs as a proud culture, I’m not a fan of having a mag’har of my own – maybe just through race change if I get tired of my draenei rangari being a warrior.

As cool as are Kul Tirans, I’m not excited to actually play them – although they definitely add up as NPCs, the world of Azeroth is gonna be so richer with them and player characters alike. I’d like to see them tanking in my party!

The last left are Dark Irons. I’m not sure now whether I’ll be leveling one :) I’m not excited about attires anymore, so reroll is a very viable option here.

I will level if only I want the girl to be a shaman, because Schlitzchen the Goblin stays shaman no matter what. Otherwise, I may think of rerolls – we’ll see how it goes. I’d like my Dark Iron to wield a shield, but basically elemental shaman are alike fire casters. So I have a proper bronzebeard dwarf girl saved as a Fire Mage at 110. As if I predicted that :)

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