We Are Highmountain


The next allied toon to reach 110 is Jammu the Feral Druid!

Her leveling was very fast. Once you pick an AoE talent at 90 which replaces one of your basic AoE, mobs drop down around you like trees in the hurricane. And this is also the thing that cuts 50% off a tougher single target before it could even think of attacking you. I hope it stays in BfA because I can’t imagine my rotation without it.

Frankly I don’t like any of the Allied gear for achievement, and despite the cool totems behind your back, Highmountain is not an exception:


Arkeona the Subtlety Rogue is the only one toon left now, and she’s barely 1 level to go. It’s a question of a single gaming session, so today or tomorrow I’ll be done with Allied Races leveling project.

From the point, Kalaari, Jammu and Arkeona will do Argus to get access to world quests, crucible and open the map, finish their order hall campaigns (it’s been two years since my first classes did it, so the storylines are almost as good as new), and do daily world quest emissaries to fish out legendaries. I need them in Antorus to suit up to 915, and this is gonna be it.

I’m in no rush nowadays. It’s almost a month until pre-patch, so I can relax now and have some fun.

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