Trivia: Draenor Leveling & Pre-Patch Plans


The weekend was devoted to leveling my allied races in Draenor, and they are now all done with it.

I’ve had no idea that you’re allowed to Broken Isles upon reaching 98, and only Arkeona received some benefit from that. The thing is, to get a pop up quest to Broken Isles you need to log out and log in when you’re 98. So Jammu and Kalaari grinded the Draenor “world quests” to 100. Arkeona had a break in her 98, so she could immediately go to Broken isles in her 98.

You could blame Draenor for many things, but leveling won’t be one of them. Reaching 100 is a walk in the park.

Anyways, my 3 allied toons are now 101-105 and counting. In theory you could level without questlines in Legion as well – grab invasions, grab the very same “world quests”, but proper leveling through the well-known paths and with flights seems yet to be a bliss, also earning you some decent gear upgrades on the way. The end is near, and I’ll soon be there for the endgame.

Endgame is current for Myde, the arcane void elf. She covered the Argus questline and now storms Antorus. Every drop from the raid is an upgrade for her, and in a week I brought her from 890 entrance ilvl to 912.

My pre-patch goals for the alt roster is as follows:

  • Obviously reach 110 with every allied race and get achievements
  • Do leisure runs in Antorus with them to upgrade for at least 920 and up
  • Check for the loose ends and questlines – at least I need Antorus and Silithus parts done (but to hell with leveling zones)
  • Resume Underbelly eyes grind
  • Do Archaeology with a goal to get all pristines and maybe 250 digging sites for achievement
  • Grind few more Sentinax for bosses achievement
  • Wait for pre-patch

The last goal which will be current in summer is of course the remaining paragon mounts – I won’t return there later, no sir. The gods of random were generous and got Micromantica one more Lightforged elephant:


Its recolor is actually very nice, so I may consider this a thing for my Draenei:


4 thoughts on “Trivia: Draenor Leveling & Pre-Patch Plans

  1. Grats on the mount!

    Any Draenor leveling advice of your own you can share, or the bonus objectives + couple of quests here and there is still the best plan?


    • Heirloom gear and garrison experience potions are your best friends :) But yes, basically it’s completing bonus objectives + normal questing you feel like doing if you have to reach 98. No bothering with dungeons – doesn’t pay off at all.

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