Trivia: Legendary Catch-Up, Leveling & BfA Comics

Let’s start with comics – spoiler-free.

The Speaker tells us a story about Magni Bronzebeard. To my opinion, this is the weakest story of all. It left me so confused of what was actually happening there – so it didn’t move me a bit.

Three Sisters is about the Windrunner small journey to their homeland spire and attempts to deal with each other. It appeared to be so awesome. Little flashbacks, their testing each other, trying to find out what was left from their older selves and where each of them are today. It’s so tense and deep that I was greatly inspired by them. Not a fan of elves in general, I must admit that this piece beats even the perfect Jaina’s story from the first chapter.

I strongly advise to spend 10 minutes of your dinner break to read these amazing pieces.

Now, into the game.

Leveling: Arkeona and Jammu are on standby in Draenor garrison – waiting for Kalaari to catch up. As expected, her pace is swift as possible. I’m finishing the Jade Forest storyline in full, and along with a couple of dungeons this brings me to Draenor in the coming couple of days.


For the last couple of weeks Myde, my 110 void elf, was fishing out legendary items. Just one for her would have been sufficient to bring her to Antorus’ required 890 entrance level.

I was doing world quest emissaries with her, because it takes as much as just 10 minutes daily, and most of my legendaries came exactly from these chests on other toons. Yesterday I also queued to every other raid available, and the very first wing’s boss from Tomb dropped me the Prydaz neck. As much as it’s cool for a squishy arcane mage, I hate it for its visual effect.

Anyways, the thing is better than nothing, and it skyrocketed me 10 ilvls up to 892 – which means leisure runs in Antorus beginning today. It’s cool that I don’t care about armor sets anymore – any item drop that is an upgrade (this would be every item) is welcome. My goal is to make it to 915 or so with allied races by pre-patch.

3 thoughts on “Trivia: Legendary Catch-Up, Leveling & BfA Comics

  1. Glad I am not the only one who was a little lost on what was going on with Magni. But I sure have enjoyed the comics. Oh, how I wish the one with the Windrunners would be made into a cinematic. It would be beyond epic.

    Urgh yes, Prydaz. I hate the visual too. They made an option for mages to turn off the swirly fire balls, right? I don’t get why the same was not done to Prydaz.

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