Trivia: Propelling Leveling After 80

Through a nice dungeon effort Arkeona hits 80 too, and from now on my leveling is boosted like hell.

Pandaria/Cataclysm, Draenor and Broken Isles are a walk in the park compared to previous expansion leveling.

Pandaria offers you introduction scenario, Halfhill introduction questing and a wide range of dungeons from two expansions. Even if you don’t touch dungeons, the pace is insane.

Jammu the Druid did Halfhill farm starting quests, and opened the hozen flight path in Jade Forest, along with a couple of dungeons. She’s already 84 now. Completing some more Halfhill and working through Jade Forest towards the statue destruction will drive her to 90 in no time.

My plan for Arkeona is finishing Vash’jir, and then doing a complete storyline for Twilight Highlands – I haven’t seen the Horde story there yet. I think I won’t need any dungeons there.

Kalaari the Paladin is not sure yet where to go, but most probably it’s Pandaria questing as well.

All toons are bound to start Cooking quests at their 85, because in 10 minutes you get enough tokens for my must-bag: the food fridge from Tillers.

The whole Draenor is completed in 3-4 hours per toon: grab those crossed-sword grind quests from the map.

And we all know that we can level very fast in Broken Isles: major questlines are quick, and Legion assaults are your bread and butter as well.

110 is suddenly very close.

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