Jaina: Reunion


The first comic strip about Battle for Azeroth characters is now online. I was very much impressed by it.

First and foremost, it’s about my favorite Warcraft character of all time – Jaina Proudmoore. Ever since Warcraft III campaign – she appeared early enough, investigating the plague and the Scourge business in Lordaeron alongside with Arthas – she was my favorite hero.

I think the character is just perfect. I think maybe only Thrall got the same careful development throughout the franchise – and without unexplained turns. Her actions are always dictated by good thinking, they are logical, they are justified. Besides, she’s an ice mage, and that’s my weak spot :)

The comic gives an insight on her thoughts and attitude to the Horde, but most importantly, it gives a picture of current Kul Tiras lords.

Their discussions are nothing but a complex drama, worth Game of Thrones or other series alike. I’m so intrigued to deal with them, and I’m absolutely awed by Lady Ashvane which will make a perfect, clever, and sly villain.

Aren’t we a bit tired of one-dimensional, flat characters that are “eldritch boyz ate my mind, and now I scorch the world”? If World of Warcraft manages to step away from “kill-dragon” – “kill-the-possessed-guy” routine, it would be the best thing that ever happened to the franchise. I haven’t investigated questlines on beta – for I’m waiting them to go live in August – but if they manage to develop tensions and clashes of mind within our major factions, I would totally name BfA the best expansion plotwise.

Understand this: a character may be working to the same cause as yourself, but at the same time his methods maybe ruthless – so unacceptable by you and your other allies. A character may be stubborn and stick to his/her old beliefs which contradict with your hero (racism, old grudges – name it). He may stick a knife into your back not because he’s a member of an evil cult, but because your actions are not acceptable for him. You may not win his friendship by repeatedly bringing 20 bear asses to him. Alliances may be forged not just by you, but your actions may sparkle alliances against you!

In short, we need more Game of Thrones in our WoW :)

7 thoughts on “Jaina: Reunion

    • Comics and small videos prove to be the best way to tell these stories. I’ve probably wrote this before, but I’m not a fan of any novel. Most of them have all the mistakes of unexperienced and bad writers – in fact, they’re nothing but fanfics.

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  1. Great post. I would love if there was a system like in Fallout where become friendly with a faction would make other faction your enemy and every once in a while send a mercenary to try to kill you. And a reputation rank take from Medieval Total War: Allies of Convenience 😋

    I think we are in for a treat with the Kul’Tiran lords plotting, and even the Zandalari on the brink of civil war will be amazing

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    • We have that with Aldors/Scryers in Shattrath, and with wolverines/frogs in Sholazar, more examples there are. Sadly it doesn’t influence our gameplay at all – it’s just bank/flight path location.

      What I mean is our questing towards the Great Cause, throughout the major questlines, would turn some people hostile, turn them against you.

      For example (I’m just speculating here): we’re bringing Jaina back, fix her bonds with Catherine Proudmoore. We did a good thing, yay!

      And Lady Ashvane becomes our big nemesis because of that. She starts plotting against us, waiting to strike in the back. She’s not evil as it is, she wants to fight the Horde and protect her homeland like we do. But she can’t stand Jaina returning, so she’s scheming coups-d’etat :) So, she’s not mad, evil or corrupted, she just has another point of view – which makes her our enemy. That would be very interesting.

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