Fishing Over & Another Mount!


So, all the fishermen are now done :) Raids and groups have not appeared to be vital, it’s quite soloable in 3-4 hours each.

All the toys and things are now mine. What I liked most are two things. The first one is a duckling bobber, which I consider to be both fun and playful, and at the same time it’s very distinctive yellow color against any darker pools you’ll be fishing at.

*Small IRL trivia: a yellow rubber duck is a symbol of anti-corruption protests in Russia today. The reason is that unofficial investigation spotted, among everything else, a rich house for a pet duck at the summer palace of the current prime minister and ex-president Medvedev, built on stolen money. So I can’t help smiling when applying the duckling bobber toy.

The other thing is a fish mount which will make tedious underwater quests less tedious (although still not perfect). But anyways, your common “collect 10 items underwater killing 15 underwater creatures” is gonna be much better today. Another must mount at the action panels for every toon but druids.


This. The Val’sharah paragon unicorn is just gorgeous! It’s only drawback is that it has a skeleton of a Nightmare riddle mount – which means it’s not uncommon for it to lean 45 degrees at slopes. Quite unnatural.

And have you noticed who is at the top? I was laughing hysterically. Yes, it’s Aurinko the Priest. She was the one to get 2 Highmountain mooses, a Stormheim dragon, a Farondis hippogriff, and now Val’sharah unicorn. The other toons were trying for it for almost a year… and nothing. It is her first paragon chest with Dreamweavers, her first week of assignment to Val’sharah reputation, and she’s the one to get the mount immediately.

From now on, I’m assigning ALL of my toons for every Nightborne and Army of Light emissary days. But considering statistics… should it be just Aurinko trying? :) We shall see who will get the remaining mounts.

I’m on fire leveling my allied toons, bringing Kalaari the Paladin to 80 and Pandaria on weekend, and Arkeona the Rogue rapidly catching up from 61 to 67. I need to be at 110 as fast as I can with them all.

The last thing to report is my birthday present:


Me and my wife don’t actually buy presents to each other for holidays, as we just go and buy what we need as soon as we need it. But New Year/birthdays sometimes serve as a catalyst for a long delayed purchase. So now I have got the only books that are worth reading in WoW franchise. Not that I didn’t read them before – I had e-versions – but it’s nice to have these artifacts at home – as a sign of my major hobby. I’m buying the 3rd tome as soon as it’s available in Russian to make the collection complete (although I’ve already read the English e-version).

3 thoughts on “Fishing Over & Another Mount!

  1. Happy Birthday indeed :) And congratulations on the best Paragon mount there is! My only one too :) I’m so happy that is the one I was lucky enough to get.

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