It’s the middle of May, and it’s time to revise my goals :)

10k World Quest achievement

It’s 9901! And it’s just 99 to go. Considering I’m still trying for paragon mounts, it’s 16+ each time when Nightfallen, Army of Light or Dreamweaver emissaries pop up. I’ll be there in no time.

Paragon Mounts

Other than Farondis luck last week, not yet. Every week I’m receiveing at least 3-4 paragon chests via emissaries and 12 toons sending each other tokens.

Other Grinds

Haven’t worked towards more Underbelly eyes, more archaeology or obtaining Broken Isles pets yet.


I’m at the last bar with both Azsuna and Val’sharah fishermen, and this weekend I’m ending them all. Having all reps, toys, shirts and whatevers acquired, I’ll be done with Legion fishing for good.

Getting Allied Toons to 110

I’ve propelled Jammu the Highmountain Feral to 80 and Pandaria, and switched to Kalaari the Lightforged Paladin to do the same. Kalaari is at 77 now, which will bring her to the next step of content this weekend. Then I plan to get busy with Arkeona the Nightborne Subtlety which is at 63.

I really need to finish Outland/Northrend leveling – I know Northrend by heart, and Outland is insane, requiring 12-15 mobs grind per quest as a common thing. It’s very tedious to replay nowadays.


Besides, Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley questing still requires to kill elites and band up to 2-3 people at the very least. Kalaari as a paladin (plate armor+self-healing+multiple defence options) was able to pull it off solo, but your random mage would just drop it for good.

And one more thing: speaking of spec choices, I’ve realised that I still don’t like paladin healing. I totally get how it works, I’m quite effective in leveling dungeons, and I don’t feel good about it nevertheless. Kalaari just switched to Retribution in Outland, and OMG, that was a relief. Like in that wise story: let a goat, a cow, a big dog, and a donkey live in your apartment for a while, and then drive them all out at once. The relief of abandoning Holy spec was something compared to that. Even longer queues are worth it.

Considering paladin specs, Anibell, my major paladin, will be the tanking bastion for the allies, and Kalaari will be a zealous vindicator. There are booming hints that pure Light could be our next big bad guy very soon, so a Lightforged fanatic is a great roleplay toon for that cause.

Getting Allied Toons to 915 ilvl

Myde the Void Arcane is lost somewhere on Argus, and she finds herself at 882 ilvl with no other options but grinding the said Argus. She has all her items at ~880 which makes gearing through world quests useless, and Tomb of Sargeras LFR gear useless as well. I think I will just have fun with her until I get some veiled argunite to buy the gears and get her to 890, the Antorus entrance level. No legendary gears for her yet, so emissary chests are my auxiliary option.

My priority today is getting my allied toons through leveling and to Argus asap – as my last expansion month before pre-patch, June that is, should be fully dedicated to this fel playground. From what we know, we won’t see Fel any time soon, so you may begin to miss it :)

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