Wurk, Wurk


First of all – ta-dam! A brilliant week of acquiring all the three missing pieces for Paitsu! She herself won both monk-specific gears in one run. Aggramar’s hat dropped fair and square. Imonar’s pants… not so much. After we killed the bounty hunter, another monk shouted out if someone needed the pants. I’ve immediately posted: “+”, followed by “!”. The second after I received them :)

There was actually another contestant, and he rolled 94, which could be impossible to beat, but then again, the loot guy would not wait for a roll, he just gave them away to the quickest to post (me) and quitted the group. Anyways, the pants were well-deserved by me. I went as a healer, and I volunteered to tank Imonar after we lost one of our tanks. Mark you, I did a perfect job.

The missing Varimathras belt was no luck either for Paitsu or following Helu the Druid, but Berringer the Rogue won it.

And thus my Antorus raiding goals are complete, and my Legion raiding is now done. Of course I may and will run more of the expansion raids when my leveling toons are 110, but it’s gonna be a lesiure, not chasing the carrot. Yes!


Micromantica, Oulu and Faerella are on fire nowadays. Faerella the Warlock is my Underbelly Sightless Eyes girl, and she advanced as far as 11k eyes, making it 9k to go.

Micromantica went fishing! What I need is fishermen reputation, and it’s better done in one sit. Margoss was probably the most tedious one, yet now I have all the things he offers. The fish mount is awesome, I’m adding it to my obligatory mount list – less hate for underwater quests from now on.

I’ve also completed a couple of other fishermen, Akule and Corbyn, with all their toys. Four to go.

Oulu the Warrior is the one to tank for the six Sentinax bosses achievement. I’ve had one killed already, and I’ve joined an awesome group who managed to get a pair of others in the course of half an hour! Three to go.

There are actually lots of groups today to cover this or that Legion grind achievement, and there are lots of groups to farm for the first aid notes and letters. Might I join some as well? I think I have most heal errands completed on Paitsu, which is awesome. First, she’s a tank, and second, monk tanks have these awesome statues which lure mobs from all over the place. Might be very convenient for farming if I wish to.


And I don’t forget about my allied races. The weekend highlight was Jammu, my Highmountain Cat Druid. She went up from 61 to 71, and I need her in Pandaria asap before I swich to someone else.

Dungeons are hilarious today. I enjoy people learning the tactics, experiencing wipes, kicking out assholes (like that hunter who aggroed half a dungeon and said that it was tank to blame not to use his cooldowns). It’s quite vibrant and sensible stuff going on. I actually enjoy doing them.



While fishing, a guildless Micromantica’s got an invitation from a nearby guild officer to join :) I’ve asked questions and explained about myself: the only thing I need from a guild is an active green chat to discuss stuff and have fun. I’ve been promised one, and so far so good, the advertisement was true. It really is active and fun, and I suddenly felt at home. We shall see before transferring my army of Alliance alts there, but I’ve got a good feeling about it.

Lots of stuff is happening, and I think the end of expansion has never been so full of events.

2 thoughts on “Wurk, Wurk

  1. People still pull too many mobs in dungeons? they should know, things have changed, on low level dungeons you have to slow down.

    Congrats on the monk set, looks beautiful, it looks good on gnomes as i see.


    • Thank you!

      Idk, the hunter said he did that all the way 30->65 (probably also got kicked out all the way 30->65). After our second wipe when he pulled again we kicked him out in an instant. Yes, our tank was not too experienced, but he was pretty decent to clear the dungeon. As a squishy and melee cat druid, I would suffer first if a tank went horribly wrong, but it was quite ok, nothing dangerous happened.

      In any case, you’re playing in a group, so go and consider others’ skills. That’s as important as tactics, DPS and everything.


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