Arathi Highlands Remastered & Warfronts

Just look at these. The previously one of the most boring zones, Arathi Highlands, got a complete and total revamp in Battle for Azeroth.

To say it’s gorgeous is to say nothing. Despite being a warfront, it’s a vibrant populated land now, and an eye candy as such.

Stromgarde was rebuilt, Highlands is a lush verdant region now and cleansed from Syndicate mobs and Forsaken presence. It is worth fighting for now!

I only hope this makes it into open world (with a timely dragon option for nostalgy people). Actually it should be, because world bosses would be available for the winning faction.

I’m hyped like hell, and I wonder if they remake more zones of old to the same high quality as the latest expansion zones. Leveling in older zones is a bit… painful to the eye, with all the rectangular textures.

There are plenty of warfronts gameplay videos on YouTube, and I’m totally sure that these scenarios are gonna be one of my most exciting activities in the coming expansion.

4 thoughts on “Arathi Highlands Remastered & Warfronts

  1. The change is welcome, i try to avoid questing in this zone if there are many other players around, it takes much longer to finish the quests, so i skip it, with the change i hope they keep some of the music.

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  2. Oooh, I like what I am seeing. Blizzard is so clever, updating areas they know many of us adore already. But I like the overhaul, it seems as if it’s done with respect.

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  3. Uh oh…There’s certainly a lot of “suggested videos” to watch after this one…Arg. Must not click. Want to stay spoiler free. Man, it’s tough!

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