Trivia: No More Unmaker

It’s been a raid reset yesterday, and I drove Paitsu the Monk through all the 3 wings that need to drop transmogs yet.

LFR in raid reset day is a mere pleasure. We stormed through all the three wings without wipes, and very fast too. As a healer, I didn’t experience the smallest trouble. Well, silly deaths like Kingaroth death ray, Argus cones or Coven’s lightnings/walking oldies don’t count, but those “too dumb to live” were suprisingly few and didn’t stall the rest.

Among all the relic and ring trash I won the monk chest from Argus himself… and this literally means that I’m officially done with the last boss. Moreover, I’ve obtained the transmog scythe too previously!

What is left is few leather things from Coven wing, and hat/pants from Aggramar and Imonar, monk only. With any luck, every week could be the last one of Legion raiding.

I’m very close to the end, and leveling is coming to be my major activity. Antorus is taking only some ridiculous time from my weekly routines.

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