My Checklist Before BfA Expansion

It’s April, one of the last months until the next expansion, and it’s time to set some goals for the current and following months.

DMF and Professions

I’ve scrolled through my toon roster, and found out that I’m yet to level First Aid/Cooking for some of my toons. I’m bringing them through DMF dailies on whatever months I have left – it would be cool to have them maxed until Profession revamp in BfA. I may even buy some mats at AH to boost this. So this week I’m going for 5 points up for whichever toon lacks it.

Sword of Sargeras

The last of my toons did this questline in Silithus, and all of them are now officially ready to give in their artifacts for the sake of the world. Legion storyline is thus complete.

Antorus Transmogs

Just when I complained about nothing dropping for my monk Paitsu, she went and won herself 2 set pieces :) 4/8.

I have very few pieces to go, and my leather toons weekly agenda is a couple of wings only. There’s a great chance that I’ll win the remaining gear scraps this month, and so my raiding in Legion will be complete.

Allied Races

…but until Allied races come into Legion. I’m barely at 60 with them, and their goal is both to reach 110 and gear up to 915-930 to be roughly on the same page as my other toons are now. This is probably my main time sink while waiting for the next expansion. So, it’s whatever the raid bosses drop and Argus gear.

World Quest Goals

My last week of world questing brought me over 9500 quests – 500 to go until the last Quests achievement. To complete it, I go 2 ways.

First, it’s Faari the Dwarf mage which has most artifact levels (74) out of all my toons. She’ll be hunting for AP world quests, she’ll go 75 and she’ll be the one to get the last AP achievement planned.

Second, I’m resuming my world questing for paragon mounts. Army of Light, Farondis, Dreamweavers and Nightfallen make 4 factions. I’m splitting them among my 12 toons, so whenever a needed emissary pops up, 3 of my toons go for world questing. This both brings me towards 10k world quests to complete and boosts my chances to win the mounts.

Time Sinks & Grind

  • Archaeology – several pristines to collect, 150 digging sites to excavate.
  • Fishing – reputations with fishermen to grind.
  • Pet Battles – if I have any time left, I’ll collect every pet from Broken Isles (I have only dust rabbit from Dalaran lol – this says much about my priorities).
  • 20k Dalaran eyes from Underbelly – 8,7k out of 20.

Things to Skip

Mage Tower, other appearances, Illidan storyline, Balance of Power, any mythic dungeons, any raiding above LFR… whatever I rejected and dilsliked during the expansion, stays rejected.

I’m kinda proud of having completed only 3 mythic dungeons throughout the whole expansion. Blizzard can’t make me do what I don’t want to :)

6 thoughts on “My Checklist Before BfA Expansion

  1. Balance of Power these days only requires 2 full runs of Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold, so doing it once on main is quite feasible. (For 12 characters, yes, a bit too much.)


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