Weekly Bonus

This week brings me the most wanted bonus – and it is devoted to world quests.

Completing 20 world quests will grant you 5k order hall resources, as long as some gold, AP, more order hall resources and reputation on the way.

I’ve largely ignored all the weekly bonuses, but this one I go for, and with the full power of all my 110 alts.

Most of them are depleted of order hall resources, as I’m still doing missions for rep tokens. And I’m so lazy to farm the order hall resources on purpose – as most my toons have practically completed their Legion routines, and are just stationed in their order halls until the next expansion. So no urge to go outside :)

This 4k and what resources come along will give me at least a month or more of sending all my alts to rep token missions and have enough resources to do so.

It also is going to be a perfect boost towards 10k world quests achievement (I’m at 9,2k now).

So – raids and allied races aside, I’m going for world questing :)

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