Scratching Out

The passing weekend was quite fruitful.

On my Antoran quest for transmogs, Oulu and Backston won the belt from Hasabel :) This is the last plate armor piece that can be acquired by all the plate toons, so my Death Knight and Warrior are on standby too now! The only plate armor thing left is an item from Eonar, accessible for Paladin only. So now it’s just a leisure yawn encounter for Anibell, and this is it.

Helu the Druid won the missing cape from High Command, so no more first wing for her :) And obviously I’m switching to leather toons now.

Allied Races. Myde and Jammu are now stationed at Borean Tundra, ready for questing and already have started some! Kalaari the Holy Paladin is now just 2 dungeons away from going to Hellfire Peninsula (57,5) and Arkeona is at 55,5 and ready to dungeon through her 2,5. I’m pretty worn out with Vanilla, thank gods I see the end of the tunnel.

And the last but not the least – I’ve got the Valarjar mount!



Yet again, it’s Aurinko which got 3 Highmountain mooses :) I think I’ll stick with her for a while, giving her tokens from all my toons :) I guess she’s the lucky one.

The list is big to go yet. I need mounts from Farondis, Nightfallen, Dreamweavers and 2/3 Army of Light. It’s a thing to farm during the expansion lull – me and others would never return to it after Legion, so I might as well do it.

If and when I get the mounts, I need to farm Order Hall missions for gold. My cellars are depleted to under 10k on most toons with buying extra toss raid tokens. Need a refund!

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