Leveling Dungeons: Stratholme


Today I had an hour and a half to level my new toons, and I logged in wth Jammu the Druid to continue her hopping around Un’Goro and also queue to some dungeons.

Surprisingly for the morning, the queue popped up real fast after a pair of my quests, and the moose kitty entered Stratholme, the wing with Scarlet Crusade.

After a pair of packs the tank aggroed two of them at once, got dead, and immediately quit without saying a word. I suggested to become a bear, did so, and we cleared the dungeon in a group of four till the end.

Oh my, it was brutal. We obviously lacked the third DPS, and the fights were long, even with trash mobs. I went with care and precision, but we wiped nevertheless. The dungeon has some patrols walking which are happy to join the fight, quite unnoticed ‘peaceful citizen’ ghosts which I can’t avoid due to my 2/3 attack abilities being AoE, and brutal boss mechanics. When our healer missed the fact that her ability she clicked on was on cooldown, a ghoul boss kicked my ass in 3 seconds, despite I pressed BOTH of my defensive abilities at once.

It was more like a raid. We actively talked and discussed mechanics and strategy after every wipe. We were reading boss abilities before pull. Both of our DPS (luckily mages), healer and myself used crowd controls – actively and with almost every pack! Sheeps, roots and whatever our priest had.

We had this postman boss which wiped us in front of the monastery complex, and we could skip him, but we killed him nevertheless – with strategy.

The most important thing was that all the people were stout, never whined and were cooperative and friendly. The dungeon took us more than an hour, and all of us stayed until the end. One of mages said that ‘I’m never queueing to any dungeons for leveling anymore’, yet I disagree. The dungeon appeared to be a real challenge for 4 good guys, an excellent training for all of us – crowd controls, emergency healing and my off-spec tanking. It was quite a dangerous adventure, but adventure it was. And I’m writing a whole blog post about a rather trivial thing like a leveling dungeon.

7.3.5. made it possible.

5 thoughts on “Leveling Dungeons: Stratholme

  1. It is a bit of the question of shifting expectations. A one hour dungeon seems almost surreal. However, if players begin with knowing that, then it can be totally fun. I love my crowd controls and reading name-plates to figure out the healer or caster mobs.
    And … drums of fury give you a hero. I don’t think mages get time warp until 60: but that may have changed since last I looked.

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    • It’s 80 or so :) Late Lich King levels.
      I can’t wait to challenge Blackrock and further dungeons!

      I was very lucky with the dungeon group, they were so persistent and friendly that the whole experience was a mere pleasure. If only all the groups were like that, working on fails and becoming better rather than shifting into insults and rage quits after 1st wipe.

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  2. This. Exactly this.

    My dungeon experiences so far have been amazing (not counting those couple of times when a player picks a tank spec just for fast queues without the gear/knowledge/willingness to play as a tank and then rage quits).

    We progress at the groups own pace, stopping for discussing tactics. A few days ago I was with the group doing a couple of low level dungeons and we were all veterans, so we just kept chatting while playing. Just silly and funny conversations, it was a blast.

    Wether people admit it or not, the scaling is bringing players closer again. It reminds the veterans of how hard some dungeons are and motivates us to teach others :)

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