Trivia: A Weekly Summary

We can surely name the current state of events a ‘lull’, and lull activities are happening with me.


The last raid of expansion is effectively on farm, which means that my toons go trying for the lacking mogging items. The good thing is that I’m ignoring many bosses now on certain toons, and even the whole wings – as I need nothing from them already.

Here and there I manage to get an item to fill my missing mogging slot, so it’s just a question of time, and I keep going. Tomb of Sargeras taught me to ignore the items that are trash-drop only, so I’m considering a set done even if I lack one of these.

The farming itself is not stable. The general idiocy levels have successfully dropped, also most people have learned the fights and gathered enough gear to swipe the bosses neat. 90% of success today depends on tank behavior – generally if the tanks are experienced enough to perform the basic mechanics (and Antorus is one of the easiest raids for tanks), it’s no worries. When I’m tanking myself, it’s a stroll in the park, no wipes even at Argus himself.

Lately we’ve fired both tanks at once because not only they failed to perform swaps at Kingaroth, deliberately stacking to 3 instead of 1 (and obviously, dying), they also went into insulting and blaming everyone else for our failure. Luckily it’s a rare occasion.

Leveling Allied Races

It’s fun how some scripted NPC were not altered during the model changes, so you can observe old and new models in the same boat :) I’m never reporting this, it’s so amusing:

Anyways, I’m enjoying leveling at large scales. I’m industrious at cleaning dungeons one by one in order of appearance, and of course I’m questing, completing the zones in full.

Scaling is awesome. All the ‘pros’ have been mentioned already, and yet: I feel good when I don’t have to care about the level of rewards – they do scale, it feels nice to complete the whole zone story, and the choice is amazing. Arkeona, upon arriving to Searing Gorge, decided she doesn’t like the zone. Do you know where she traveled instead? Ghostlands, previously Blood Elf leveling zone 10-20, now 10-60. A rich story in shadows, dispatching the Scourge and vicious trolls is what will bring her to 58.

Leveling dungeons are quite fine. In case that no one is starting to behave crazy, they are cleared quite fast, in course of approximately 20 minutes, and with no trouble. It’s cool how you have to consider boss mechanics now, and care about aggroing reasonable amounts of trash mobs.

I had a trouble only once – in Uldaman. We had an unexperienced monk tank – which is a pain for a healer like myself, as monks have to actively use mitigation, more than other classes. And it could be fine, as people are eager to help and guide the newbies. But unluckily this tank had a companion, a warlock. And this one was foul. He went first, aggroing packs first, more than this tank could bear, aggroing a boss along with trash, my fingers were steaming, I got depleted of mana twice, and obviously the tank died a couple of times.

Then we went to clear a boss in the corner, but the warlock led the tank through the other corridor, aggroing some extra trash scorpids and bats for the two of them, while me and other two DPS struggled to survive a designated pack of stunning, fearing, silencing pack of dark iron dwarves. By some miracle we did survive the skirmish, the warlock and the tank did not, and their beasts came for us which we three also managed to kill. Do you know who was to be blamed? Me, a healer. All the seven hells were unleashed upon me, and a suggestion to kick me as I’m a poor healer and can’t do shit. I shrugged my shoulders, wished the other DPS luck with a smile, and quit the dungeon. My iron rule is: you don’t tolerate asshole behavior, not even if you’re halfway through a dungeon.

Then a hunter whispered me that he meets this warlock for a third dungeon in a row, and he always blames the healers, there are always troubles with him. He also suggested we pair with hunter to do extra dungeons together, but I’ve already been running Scholomance and I said I wanted a break afterwards.

I’ve got so many questions for this warlock, like how in hell would he teach a tank to properly aggro packs, manage survival, check for the group whereabouts and healer’s mana – everything a tank should know? I just felt it’s all in vain, so I didn’t waste my breath. Yuck.

Don’t tolerate assholes, kick them out or quit yourself. Can’t stop repeating that.

2 thoughts on “Trivia: A Weekly Summary

  1. Amen to that.

    I will take an inexperienced player who wants to learn over an experienced idiot everytime.

    I usually do that, when I see a player being unfairly kicked out, I’ll /w him and ask if he wants to run another dungeon. My battlenet has quite a few of these players I ended up befriending :)

    On my disc priest I once had a tank go berserk on me, he insisted I had pulled a pack of mobs on the floor bellow. I tried to calmly explain that 1) I had not done that, since I didnt even had line of sight and 2) If I had done it, I would have apologized, seeing no reason to lie. He then went ballistic, dropping the group and sending me insults and threats. How insecure does one person have to be to send threats to someone they dont even know over a videogame? Im quite passionate about wow, but I wouldn’t do something that consists of a crime over it xD

    I sometimes wish we had better reporting options. While this happened to me and I have a thick skin and don’t really care what someone like that thinks of me or my country (yes, he went there too), many young people play this game as well as people who may give up on dungeons or even stop playing after a scene like that.

    The scaling is being good for new players as it allows them to learn their specs well, specially tanks and healers. I remember before, only feeling useful as a healer after around level 50, as a heirloomed tank could do half the dungeon without needing me xD

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