Patch 7.3.5.

So, patch is tomorrow, and here’s the list of changes with my thoughts on them.

A Scaling World

Lore chapters within zones and scaling – couldn’t greet it more. I would finally be able to see the coolest ‘Rambo’ story in Redridge and what not – today you outgrow a zone halfway, if not less.

Ulduar Timewalking

Been there, not interested. It was fun to run Molten Core during a holiday anniversary event, but until they make it available via group finder and with extra rewards, not my thing. Skipping this like I did with Black Temple.

Silithus: The Wound

Yes, please. I expect it to be a small and quick questline like we had in Draenor pre-patch in Blasted Lands, but I’m eager to receive this lore reward and go awe with the big sword after Argus kill tomorrow.

New Battleground: Seething Shore

Not interested – I’m not into PvP at all.

Legendary Items

The thing is that you upgrade them for 300 whatsits (not 50 like now) and could also buy tokens for 1000 for a random legendary piece for your spec. Not interested in farming, although if I have enough for tokens, I would try to win some transmog options that I don’t have yet.

Mythic Keystone Dungeons

Couldn’t care less about dungeons. Stopped worrying about any Legion dungeons in Spring when I had a tourist run through Karazhan and Suramar dungeons.


Dungeons available to any player from level 20 – more mount drop chances. Also introducing more toys – I understand this is an attempt to give more reasons to run the outdated holiday errands, but frankly I think we don’t need more toys, and I also like to consider a holiday done. Not happy.


Not a fan of selfie camera, especially with those most awful emotion screenshots my twitter is swarming with. But they would deliver some filter quests along, which I’ll be running with interest.

New Races

Not available with the patch. Shame, as I was so eager to test the new leveling system with them :) By all means I’ll level every race of 6 for fun and achievement.

8 thoughts on “Patch 7.3.5.

  1. You summed up my thoughts pretty well. I think now we are in for the long haul to the expansion. That point where friends will finish Argus on what ever difficulty they strive for, they will work on some Alts, and go off to play other games.

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    • Oh, just had a thought. Do you think if they see a fast drop off in active user time, that they will push out pre-orders and the playable Allied races?

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      • I think it will happen much sooner.

        Estimated BfA arrival time is June-August, so they need to release these four races at least 3-4 months prior to the pre-patch event for these alts to be ready for the next expansion.

        I expect new races in late February-March – it’ll be just the time when people would close Antorus.

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    • Well, I will still have achievements to do :) But before I do, my priority goal is collecting transmog from Antorus for every class. I’m quite busy with this today, queuing non-stop, and it could take a while – maybe a couple of months.

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  2. There is new pet battle thing in Dalaran, the mailbox room, i didn’t read much about it, but there is a mailbox toy works for non-engineers, i think this is a toy many will want to have.

    Nothing more to add, you said it better, i’m most excited about scaling zones.

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