Zandali, M*therfucker, Do You Speak It?


The last post of the year will be an unusual one: I’m gonna declare love to a certain race… and it’s not gonna be Gnomes or Goblins. From the picture, you may have guessed it right: it’s Trolls.

I’m leveling in Northrend now, and it was very fun how I arrived at Dragonblight, and questgivers at quest hubs just propelled me through three zones. The quest like: You must immediately report to Captain What’s-His-Name! – and I just go, picking the next quest and gryphon, from the elven village in Dragonblight to Alliance fortress beneath Naxx to Grizzly Hills cabin to Grizzly Hills camp to Zul’Drak.

That’s where my stop is. I didn’t do the Scourge and Drakuru part (although awesome, but which I know by heart, and which involves much sneaking, disguising, and what not irritable quests), but rather perform stuff for Argent knights and off to the Zandalari village Zim’Torga in the middle of the zone.

I don’t know why, but trolls are always interesting. They have always been interesting in every zone you come across them: be it Jungle tribes of Stranglethorn, their ancient fortresses of Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub, Drakkari tribes in Northrend or Zandalari straight-walking invasion in Pandaria.

What’s with them? I think there are several reasons, each a good one.

First, they’re very primal – and thus make excellent villains with all the dark loa gods and blood magic and rituals involved to nourish and revere them.

Second, they’re heavily and masterfully fusing the vibe of both African and Native Central/Southern American tribes. And this is what tickles the nerve of adventure in us – from Jack London to Indiana Jones to Duck Tales and what not, this is where the most exciting adventures happened to characters. All those temples, voodoo, wooden masks, tribal rituals – you immediately understand that something cool and exciting will happen. And it does!

Third, as a playable race, they’re one of the most interesting Horde races. They combine both the primal, raw traditions and approach specific to the Horde as a faction in general, but at the same time… They’re the good guys. Probably only Tauren would surpass them as such. They’re the ones that will never strike you in the back, pursue personal goals over the faction or weave a plot which will bring disaster and mischief upon the faction.

And so, I’m quite happy that Battle for Azeroth would bring a whole troll-devoted continent of all types – both good and bad. They seem to be never enough. So, as much as I’m happy to go to Kul tiras, meet Jaina, lush and dark forests and- finally some WITCH content which was largely absent in WoW before – I’ll be excited as hell to explore the troll lore and quest at Zandalar. Bring it on!

It’s time to learn Zandali language :)

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