Antorus Second Wing in LFR

This was quite a week of running through Antorus. Let’s give a quick list of impressions:


  • People still have trouble with the first wing, and obviously the second one.
  • The hardest boss yet is Hasabel. If only 5 people use portals, it means a certain wipe.
  • The most enjoyable boss for me is Imonar.
  • The most annoying boss is Eonar.
  • All bosses hit like trucks. I’m having enormous troubles both tanking and healing – too often the tanks are on the verge of death or dying – sometimes both of them. My fingers are literally steaming in these roles despite class.
  • Tanking challenge here is not performing mechanics – it’s how quickly can you use all your cooldowns and abilities.
  • For DPS, all the bosses are outright boring – and even more so as melee DPS.
  •  Thus the raid is not balanced, and it’s not fun to run.
  • I still hate the fel platforms, fel wastes and fel corridors.
  • Some gear drops – can’t tell if more comes from coins or from regular drops. I think both. Starting to cover some mogging slots on all classes.

So, still not happy with the raid.


…and now to something more pleasant :) 

Most probably, it’s gonna be my last post this year :) It’s been an amazing year of blogging. As usual, I’m sharing my stats, and they’re booming:


Thank you all who’s been reading my blog, commenting and liking :) I really appreciate every little reaction, and I’m happy to discuss all the topics I’m posting about.

For the year 2018, what would be your wishes for blog themes I should be writing more often about? I know that I’ve been posting a lot, but mostly they were diary posts, which maybe not so interesting :) So you could write some wishes, and I’ll see what I can do :)


See you in 2018 – with more adventures and more blogging waiting for us.

Happy New Year everyone, and here’s something to cheer you up: a metal cover of ‘Deck the Halls’ song by my band – we recorded that as a Christmas present for our fans while they’re waiting for our new album :)

2 thoughts on “Antorus Second Wing in LFR

  1. I’m not a big fan of screamo, but I quite like your version!! xD
    Uau, those stats! Congrats! You pretty much doubled the views! Keep up the good work!

    Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a version of Deck the Halls! Thank you for sharing :) And Happy New year to you too!

    As for wishes to blog themes you should write about in 2018, hmmm. It was especially great to read a ittle about your tips on how to stick with ones goals and such – I think that few manage to go about alts and content the way you do, so that is rather unique :)


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