Raiding in Antorus: Classes & Specs

As I’ve led all my toons through Antorus first wing by now, I’ve determined how I will be running it due to spec choice. Anibell the Paladin tanked Antorus with no sweat, so the trouble is definitely with warriors.

This is my spec choice for the fall of Legion.

  • Anibell – Protection
  • Aurinko – Holy
  • Backston – Frost
  • Baisa – Marksmanship
  • Berringer – Assassination
  • Faerella – Destruction
  • Helu – Balance
  • Melaris – Havoc
  • Micromantica – Frost
  • Oulu – Fury
  • Paitsu – Brewmaster/Mistweaver, whichever pops first
  • Schlitzchen – Restoration

So, I’m running with one spec now with one exception. It’s gonna be 1-2 tanks, 2-3 healers and 8 dps girls. All roles covered, and in proper balance too. I could raid with myself in 12 windows :)

Despite that I pretty well mastered all the specs, I’m putting some of them aside that I don’t like too much – even if I can perform good in another role. Neither druid Restoration, Feral or Guardian, nor demon hunter Vengeance, nor death knight Blood or Unholy attracts me that much to play them.

I’m picking the most enjoyed hunter Marksmanship and rogue Assassination – the other options are just a bit more annoying to play – but annoying enough to forget about them for now.

Micromantica sticks with Frost due to lore and roleplay reasons – she’s always been an ice mage. I’m leveling a fire one as another toon, and it’s quite possible that some of the allied races could be arcane. Same with Oulu: she’s confident with Arms and Protection, but roleplay dictates Fury :)

Schlitzchen, Aurinko and Faerella have a distinctive split between raid/open world specs. For open world, their choice is Elemental, Discipline/Shadow and Affliction only.

We’ll see what Battle for Azeroth brings us, but for now it’s gonna be this way :)

4 thoughts on “Raiding in Antorus: Classes & Specs

    • Yeah, I googled that :) No, this is not it.

      “Schlitz” is “slot” in German (in Russian it’s the same word because borrowed), and “-chen” [hen] is a German diminutive suffix like in “Mädchen”. German origins are chosen to stress & convey engineering associations for a Goblin.

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  1. Heh – it would be cool if you could play all of your Alts at once or, at least, see them running around as NPCs.
    I have a couple of characters that will never change due to the history that I have with them, it is fun to see that as a factor in our choices.

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