With cooldown reset, I performed the worst tanking for a long time. I queued with my warrior Oulu, presuming I go in Fury, and “Tank” invitation popped. Oh well, says I, and rush there.

I don’t really know what happened to warriors, but my toon, having her ilvl at 922 (quite enough for LFR), got just enormous blows in her face. I died 3 times during the wing. Some of it is the responsibility of another tank which didn’t know what to do at the third boss, collecting stacks like mad, but still. I had no troubles with warrior tanking in all the three previous raids, so I wish it was fixed. Just imagine: I got battle rezzed, I immediately aggro the hound which was laying waste for our ranks during 30 seconds of battle rez cooldown, and I get one shot. When I click to see what killed me, there’s only ONE line. One blow after rez.

We’ll see how it goes with demon hunter – no runs with her yet during previous cooldown – but warrior appeared to be even squishier than monk which also had some hard time, but nothing radical happened.

Gearing up is vital today.

My dwarf girl is 46, and in the middle of Tanaris she bumped into a quest which is not available to her yet due to her low level. Quite ridiculous, as I’ve just completed a quest bunch just a hundred yards from the place, and they SENT me here afterwards. Where’s that 7.3.5 scaling?

Well, what I should do now is apparently queuing to dungeons and wait for tormenting 20 minutes for pure DPS toons.

2 thoughts on “Trivia

  1. The DPS cues are heart-breakers, for sure.
    That shield boss has a tank mechanic like KJ, where the off tank steps aside until taunt time and then the first steps aside. I’m sure you knew that but I’ll bet that the other didn’t and forced you to take stacks!

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    • He collected 8 stacks and won’t swap :) Mind you, when I tried to type this to him quick & fast, I dropped dead immediately – the boss strikes are too unforgiving. And I had only two stacks on me! If you don’t press all your defensive arsenal frantically and without pause, you’re dying. There was no extra shit coming at me, no adds, mines or Legion ships attacking, just pure boss strikes. That’s what I mean by poor tuning and hard tank times in Antorus.

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