Altoholism Has No Cure


One of the 100% signs of expansion end for me is leveling alts – whether I need them or not :)

I’ve put aside my troll shaman yet at her 37. It’s not clear whether I’ll be leveling a Zandalari as a troll shaman, so I decided not to rush with her.

Meanwhile I now have a new toon that I focus my attention on between quick world quest sessions and LFR runs.

I’ve decided to level a fire mage. Micromantica has always been Frost, and although I’ve mastered Fire and Arcane for fun sakes, leveled all artifact weapons and even raided in these specs, she doesn’t really feel like them. Ice, period.

I’ve chosen one of the least popular race/gender/class combination: a dwarf girl. It’s really hard to pick a cool appearance with them – mostly you get a village type, and it’s not a compliment. Still, much gold spent in barbershop again and again, and I’ve settled with what I find even beautiful :)

Her background is a sort of a royal young girl, just out of her teens, and with a very adventurous and curious mind. You know, the ones who, as children, would walk out of the yard and disappear in the streets to explore some town outskirts with friends, returning home when it’s dark and their parents already called the police, the ambulance and the morgues :)

So, she has no interest in being a thane’s daughter – whatever her parents thought she would be, and as long as coming of age she’s off to the world for adventures and whatever she’ll meet on her way. Attuned to fire and fascinated by the power of molten metal in Ironforge capital, she learnt to be a mage to harness its power in all its might.

I won’t give her name, because I don’t like it now. We’ll see if I transfer her to the main realm after they add 6 more slots – then there will be renaming :)

Meanwhile, Tanaris, 44 and counting.


7 thoughts on “Altoholism Has No Cure

  1. I really like the story of each of the characters you make, reminds me of my own. And I know that feeling, wanting to play a certain spec and thinking “nah, not on this character. This one is THIS spec” :D

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  2. In the lore, bearded dwarf ladies considered beautiful, just let that sink :-D

    Also i just started a dwarf female alt, she is a warrior, i saw an NPC in wetlands, her name is Shilah Slabchisel, i thought she is cool, i want to make a character like her, and this is the first time i liked to play dwarf.

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