Antorus First Wing: Melee


Two more runs in Antorus first wing, and this time it was completed in melee range, nose-to-nose (and nose-to-butt) with the bosses.

Backston the human death knight was my first melee DPS run, and it was outright boring. Throughout all the three bosses she just stands in one place and whacks at them until they drop dead.

Not so with the tank. My monk Paitsu had some really tough time. Every boss hits like a truck, and I was drinking my refreshing teas – the ones that provide circulation of monk’s dodging mechanics – all the time.

I failed once or twice to collect adds at the third boss, and deserved an angry yell in group chat, but otherwise it was performed quite fine.

Loot: a legendary chest and two capes from Backston (one of them a tier cape, whee!), and a relic for Paitsu’s staff.

I’m getting used to making pictures at the third boss – the admiral’s death is so picturesque :)


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