Antorus: Not That Easy


Yesterday I managed to perform a pair more runs in Antorus first wing – and this time I was able to kill the third boss, whoopee!

Proper Ranged DPS Run

The first run was with my ‘main’ – gnome mage Micromantica. I did much better as now I know the environment, and I didn’t get crushed by the elevator (although half of our raid did, lol). It’s a hilarious Blizzard trolling, also adding more immersement – I mean, how did characters previously took a metal or a stone slab on their heads with no damage?

I excelled at mob fights – I don’t have a damage meter, but I really learnt to deliver immense AoE damage, I can tell that from the open world. With boss fights, I didn’t die albeit being a ‘glass cannon’, and I was following mechanics easily.

Micromantica’s loot was wrists from the war council – yay, one mogging slot covered!

Players were less geared or what in the evening, but encounters went significantly slower, and they felt more dangerous than it seemed on my first hunter run. SO I may have hurried to christen the raid as ‘too easy’ – no, its difficulty is just fine.

Healing Experience

My second run was with my gnome holy priest – Aurinko, and I this time I healed the raid. It was quite an adventure!

We wiped once at the first boss – because people failed to bring the bad out of the raid, and whatever several people were left after explosion obviously didn’t have enough power to continue. So we died and tried again, this time smoothly.

A ridiculous thing was one of our tanks who kept receiving LOTS of damage – like one of boss’ simple hits could bring him down for 50% or more. He died twice and was battle rezzed twice. And when the boss was down, we had LOTS of fun as he exclaimed: tanks, what the fuck is wrong with you?!

People point to him that he was one of the tanks. And lo and behold, it appeared he didn’t know it and were in Fury spec all this time. We asked him to respec – he told us he was tanking only Brewfest in his life, and asked us to kick him :) Which we did. An amazing example of a fair play.

The second boss was with an experienced healer who had to respec to an unexperienced tank, so we were left 4 healers. Felhounds went down with no trouble – surely, this bear got some cruel punches in the face from the doggie, but there was nothing too hard. My loot was legendary gloves – not exactly loot, but it’s an awesome thing which I will wear as soon as I have the replacement for legendary ‘Shadow’ wrists.

Both of the fights I finished with half of my mana pool, so you see I wasn’t too exhausted. Bosses went down slowly, but with confidence and little trouble for healers.

Not with the third boss. Another tank dropped into our raid, so druid healer specced back from the bear to healing. And yet, it was super tense.

People didn’t do some good job with operating the boss capsules, so we had to heal off every barrage and many exploding mines. My fingers were actually steaming, and at the last 30% I went crazy with spamming my most potent heals (they were really needed), depleting mana to zero by the end of encounter. Result? Boss down, and only one casualty. That was a blast!

What is more important, I didn’t even have to look at the battlefield. I predicted the major boss abilities and was always ready for them. I’m just so pleased with my healer job yesterday. Blog post picture features the proud healer Aurinko :)

I have four gnome toons now, and they went:

  • Hunter Baisa – testing DPS run, 2 bosses
  • Mage Micromantica – proper DPS run, full wing
  • Priest Aurinko – healing run, full wing

…which leaves us with my fourth gnome – monk Paitsu. Obviously I’m trying tanking with her today :) And then I put the wing on farm in every role and every class.


7 thoughts on “Antorus: Not That Easy

  1. Don’t you have to look at the floor to not step on the mines? Or to get under the anti-air shield? (if one is deployed by capsule operator)


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