Localization Failure: Varimathras

In Warcraft III real-time strategy the Varimathras demon was localized to Russian as “Varimatas” (Vah-ree-MAH-tas).

We don’t have “th” sound, so it may be done as “T”, “F” or “KH” depending on the situation. But I’m talking about the missing “R” which is the case here.

You see, if you spell “Varimatras” (like they did in Antorus for no particular reason, because he was Varimatas in Undercity) – you’ll get the phrase “Vari matras” (vah-REE mat-RAHS), which is exactly translated as “Boil the mattress!”. That’s what we’ll be fighting in Antorus:


Now you know why RTS version was localized better. Because Varimatas sounded like a demon name rather than some crazy cooking experiment :)

Localization quality into Russian is very poor in Legion. So it’s a bliss that more and more dialogues, including common quests, are spoken nowadays – at least I can listen to them in original English.

Have a good day.

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