Trivia: Grind

Weekend was largely devoted to some grind activities.

Most of the time I was slowly leveling my new troll shaman which is 37 now. I’m still wondering if it’s worth it – anyways I’ll be leveling a Zandalari in 7.3.5. Hopefully they let the other allied races out 3 months prior to the expansion release – to let the players level them and get ready.

Anyways, I’m having fun with her. Most of my leveling this time is healing in dungeons, and so my troll shaman, either her or a Zandalari one, will be a healer. I’m feeling confident in the field, not lacking firepower, but I will see how things would grow in later content.

There was only one bad group yet – due to a survival blood elf hunter. He just plays with his face and doesn’t bother to turn off pet aggro. It’s not that he’s not aware that he must not do so. He just thinks that low level dungeons are a faceroll. Well, not for the healer – as you just don’t have time to roll your potent spells on both a tank and this asshole.

The climax was Scarlet Monastery, when he aggroed much more than we could pull off, our tank dropped dead, and he just went with the other group members and aggroed the last boss without waiting for tank’s resurrection. I taught him a lesson with not healing him, and the group wiped (it would wipe anyways) and got themselves a full run from the entrance :) Well, lesson was not learnt as it was healer to blame (of course).

I saw him in another group the next day, but either our tank was a bit more experienced, or there were less mobs, nothing too vital happened. My tactics now is NOT healing assholes of this type: if I see that someone is constantly getting more than he should, he would have his health dropped – even if to zero – and think about his behavior.

I’ve had small grind sessions towards my long-term goals.

  1. I’m doing a quick run from time to time in heavily populated demon areas to grind 5k demons and get myself a title. It’s warframe which makes it 25-30 demons, then some casting action to make it 50 per one sit.
  2. I had a quick run through saberons and their claws in Tanaan. Obtained 400 claws, quit it because someone else was grinding it here, and it lingered my pace.
  3. I’ve banded together with a pair of people and had a fishing hour with Val’sharah’s dryad. It’s a very grindy and boring achievement, although not too long. I’ve got 1,5 bars of reputation, could do more, but quit for the day.
  4. I’ve caught 3 rare fish from the sea and 1 rare fish from Stormheim. Just 5 fish left for achievement and looking what fishing artifact is like – 3 from Azsuna and 2 from Stormheim. I have no clue when I got all the rest ones.
  5. I’ve grinded some eyes in Underbelly – it appeared to be a quick thing actually. My warlock jumps in her Order Hall and out whenever guards allow PvP. And in the safe breaks there are two Underbelly bosses with ~200 eyes each (when boosted with a wand). In 40 minutes of this activity I got myself 3k eyes, making it 7k/20k towards achievement. Few more sessions are needed.

And Faerella finally got 13 Dangerous! humanoid kills through world quests which resulted in getting a hidden Affliction weapon appearance. It also required a small trip to Karazhan crypt and a single kill which gave me no sweat.


Now that I think of it, I’m never using hidden or other appearances anyways. It’s almost always basic appearances, and the rest are quite ugly, disproportional or elaborated to be a weapon :) Neither I’ll be using this one:


Anyways, I’m always glad to see some extra story.

On Wednesday the first Antorus wing drops, well I’m ready :) Grind’d better be a free time activity rather than your main time-spending.

7 thoughts on “Trivia: Grind

  1. Oh God, there are always “those guys”. They pull half the dungeon, everyone dies, and then blame the tank and the healer.

    They dont seem to understand that there may be new players on the dungeon, who are learning how to play group content too.

    One time, a tank (dont remember the class) did so much crap aggroing everything in sight that I had to start a vote saying “either he goes, or healer walks”. I got quite a few colourful whispers from him after, insulting both myself and my country xD

    Now I just dont even try to argue. I’ll warn if Im healing, but if Im ignored I came up with a great strategy that turns a sour situation in a fun game: Incompetent Healer- “Let’s heal the jerk but in a way he’ll still die and no one can accuse me of sabotage”

    Liked by 2 people

      • Sure thing:

        – four players + you, the healer
        – pick your mark. The “Beep Beep” tank, or the “Guy Who Pulls Everything”
        – Appearance of hard work and dedication is important, so save him ONCE before the game begins.
        – every time the person is in combat loosing HP, you have to toss out enough heals so it seems you will keep him alive, but not enough hps so that he actually lives. When this happens, and he dies, you get 20 points. When you fail this and he lives, you get -15 points.
        – take a loooonb time to res him. This can be achieved by a multitude of ways: – keeping the group in combat “by accident” is 5 extra points, – saying res spell is on cooldown is 10 extra points.
        – when you res him, dont heal him all the way up, just one small heal. If you heal him all the way, its -5points.
        – if anyone points out you are not healing him enough, you get -20points.

        – rinse and repeat, and try to get your own highscore.

        Also, its quite fun to object to everything the player will say by saying “But I was healing you too, you have to fight back the mobs you know…” and things like that xD

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        • Oooh, Gotcha! I have played that game several times! Though I have never taken a long time to ress a player. The group keeps me in combat. *Cough, cough*

          Liked by 1 person

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