Antorus & Legion Ending Cinematic: Opinion

Spoiler Alert!


Alright, if you’ve seen the final expansion cinematic like I did yesterday, you may read on. If you plan to do it later – you’ve been spoiler warned.

So, the Pantheon reborn (or their spirits) trap Sargeras and infuse Illidan with their power for him to be his Warden.

The decision is not too wise in my opinion. It plays well with Illidan’s sense of exclusiveness – for now he revels at his new job. But Illidan is not the one to sit on his butt for eternity (unless forced to do so by Maiev & her Wardens, lol). Up to the dragging of Argus to Azeroth skies his life was full of finding adventure, to seek power and greatness. Yes, it’s the coolest thing ever – but what will it feel like after several years?

In other words, he’s not the man for the task :)

And we mustn’t forget about Sargeras’ ability to corrupt the living beings. He now has an eternity eye-to-eye and mind-to-mind with Illidan. And he has all the levers he needs in the night elf’s soul: his solitude, the fact that people of Azeroth may forget about him, and what is this greatness if no one knows about it?

In short, the whole resolution suspiciously reminds me of a time bomb, and not just a time bomb. The time bomb with countdown that has already began.

I hope they explain that decision somehow better in the raid.

Now, Vindicaar’s pilots and Aman’Thul’s ray which dragged Sargeras back. I mean, hey, you could have blasted the ‘brave mortals’ vessel to smithereens! It was a tough spot.

And Sargeras’ final act. Well, I still don’t understand why he was cosplaying a cloud when he could have hacked the planet in three blows. Why waiting for brave mortals to free Pantheon? I hope this is explained in the raid as well.

Anyways, the Silithus landscape is somehow epic nowadays. There is a big sword protruding from the ground, size of a world tree, and Azeroth’s blood seeping through the sands (azerite which we’ll be collecting for our BfA legendary necklace).

Now it’s obvious that we are saving Azeroth by the end of the next expansion. Either we heal her wounds or the titan awakes. She can’t just be there and bleed, not for long. What meant to be a relatively peaceful aftermath (Alliance/Horde war) has turned into a disaster of planetary scale we’ll have to deal with.

The cinematic has left me with unease and full of questions – more than answers.


5 thoughts on “Antorus & Legion Ending Cinematic: Opinion

  1. Guess I will be using the Uldum portal a lot. I never enjoyed being in Silithis. I know there’s all sorts of meaning for long term players. But ugggh


    • As far as we know, it’s gonna be a zone for PvP – as the main source of azerite for factions (not players). Azerite will come at large via all other activity – I assume in the same manner like artifact power. Blizzard specified that we will need island expeditions to boost our artifact.

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  2. Heard. I got really confused watching that cinematic. I think the order this is all being done in is just so wrong. BfA announcement, cinematic, no dialogue to “pick up” all the questions it all is raising. I don’t think it’s working well, honestly.

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