Antorus Awaits


…in a week.

An LFR raider like myself is going to see the last bosses in the mid of January – and so earn my Argus meta-achievement which requires two last bosses to kill.

Meanwhile I’m eager to go for the new stuff. I’ve dropped queuing to Tomb after I’ve collected transmog sets, and that’s been a while ago. So I’m missing raiding now.

From what I’ve learned about bosses, I’m intrigued to tank the pair of felhounds and some bulky robot which sounds like a Reaver in HFC, one of my most favorite encounters in whichever role. I’m also impatient to see Kingaroth the Tinker – as we’ll have to kill the WHROOOOOMNG! robots as adds!

This time I’m planning to raid in a vast array of specs and cover every role possible. Let’s see:

Anibell: throughout Legion I’m hating Paladin healing style, so there’s gonna be some solid tanking – and queuing in Retribution if I’m too tired to take much responsibility and just want to relax.

Aurinko: my Priest is healing the raid by default in Holy spec. Only if a DPS queue drops earlier (this happens once in a while), I’ll be shadowpriesting, but it’s not my enjoyed thing.

Backston: my Death Knight will be performing in Frost, and Frost only. Not enjoying the slow tank techniques, and Unholy gameplay is ‘meh’ to me.

Baisa: Marksmanship is my only choice by the end of Legion in any environment. Throw in Survival tanking, and we’ll think about it, but for now it’s the only option.

Berringer: my new Rogue will go in Assassination, like always. I’m fine with Subtlety in the field, but applying poisons is what I like doing.

Faerella: as usual, I’ll be going in dual specs. I’m very efficient with Affliction (and it’s the only weapon I’ve leveled since 52 in this patch), but Destruction is not so fussy. As a Destro, you don’t care for your mana pool and this annoying multi-cast of the same spell. Still, if you have to move a lot on the battle field, Destruction is not my best choice.

Helu: my Tauren Druid is gonna queue with both Restoration and Balance – well, most likely I’ll have to heal the raid all the time :)

Melaris: the pinnacle of Demon Hunter story is stepping in the heart of Antorus. I’m ready for hack-and-slash rather than tanking, although Vengeance is my solid option if I’m in the mood.

Micromantica: my main would go with her Frost, but I’m not excluding having fun with off-specs on farm – just to make the routines different.

Oulu: my newly baked Draenei Warrior is all about fierce action, so for roleplaying sakes she’s going in Fury – and maybe Arms. I’m fond of Protection spec in Legion, so she may accept the role if, say, another tank leaves and there will be need for replacement.

Paitsu: my Monk would equally revel in tanking and healing, both playing styles are much fun to me. I’m also enjoying the DPS spec, but it’s very unlikely to pop if I’m queuing in all of the three roles.

Schlitzchen: finally, my Goblin Shaman would follow Helu’s path and join the raid either in Restoration or Enhancement. For me Shaman gameplay by the end of expansion is all ranged, and I’m eager to perform both roles with pleasure.

What I’m worried about is that Antorus was announced as a huge complex. You’ll even need Vindicaar to travel between different parts of it. Most likely this will happen between wings, so as an LFR raider, I may miss some vital routes and ways to get to some bosses. Like I still don’t know how players got from HFC tower to the ruins of the Dark Portal to fight Archimonde – as I’ve been doing it wing by wing in LFR and haven’t been there in Legion yet (well, I’ll see it someday). Same thing was in Throne of Thunder – LFR raiders don’t witness how Thunder King crushes a bridge to his fortress in a flashy manner. But oh well, it’s another reason to re-run the old raids :)

I’m not that excited about Antorus lore. This is strange for the last expansion raid – but I guess I’m just overfed with fel stuff we had since Tanaan non-stop. Yet I’m still eager to fight Legion and see the end of the big scarecrow we had ever since Warcraft III RTS. Let’s hope the encounters will be fun enough to enjoy gear/transmog collecting runs over and over.

3 thoughts on “Antorus Awaits

  1. Wing-to-wing transition in Hellfire Citadel: Khadgar teleports in and creates the portal which you take. This happens after Gorefiend (as you jump down and cannot run back by foot), after Xul’Gorath (portal leads to the fortress’ pinnacle, and you take it in LFR as well), and after Mannoroth (fight against Archimonde happens at the former site of the Dark Portal).

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  2. I’m looking forward to the new raid. I have some anxiety, I worry about being able to see the floor. I’d like to remind the designers that not all encounters have to be a kaleidoscopic mess. Good luck with your Army, save those bonus roll tokens this week.


    • Thanks for the tip! I’m short on cash after buying the warframe recently :)
      That makes it 3 tokens per 3k by raid opening – we still have the ‘previous week’ today.


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