Emissary Rotation


…is back to normal again.

During the last 2 months, there was an obligatory rotation of Nightfallen – Legionfall – Army of Light – Argussian Reach – Kirin Tor every week.

The rest two days was left for other emissaries, and it led to a situation when I may not have seen Valar’jar for a month or so.

Obviously it was some sort of catch up mechanics – both helping players get their achievements required for things like flight and advance on Argus before Antorus raid.

Would you like to have it this way in BfA – with focus on the later expansion factions upon patch drops? It may be convenient, but it also shoves your toons into stress environment. I don’t have a sure opinion whether it was good or bad.

Anyways, I haven’t seen Army of Light or Argussian Reach for a while, and it’s old faction after old faction emissaries streak lately.

My new routine considering emissaries is this: see if a toon is somewhere around its next paragon 10k (at least 8-9k) and if it is, go and do an emissary! If not, wait for more tokens to drop from missions.

This provides a nice and unpredictable rotation of your toons daily and a sure-thing try on the lacking mounts.

Have a good day!

P.S. I’ve seen the old world bosses, and it wasn’t too much fun. You can’t survive well without a group. And the only reason to retry them is non-guaranteed drop of lo-fi transmog items – regarding that your veiled argunite gear is 10 ilvl better.

Also, these travel times make it hard to farm :)

4 thoughts on “Emissary Rotation

      • Yesterday I’ve been killing a dragon in Duskwood with my revamped rogue (btw, it’s one more – and hopefully, the last race revamp for now).

        All she was doing was screaming in terror and running in circles at a distance, trying to avoid mushrooms and clouds and more clouds.

        Even so, very soon she couldn’t reach the dragon even with a throwing dagger, and she died at least 5 times. The reward of 30 generous gold was not enough even to pay one of her repair bills, save 5.


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