Lucid Nightmare

Finally it was time to get busy with the Lucid Nightmare mount.

Let’s say I’m not a fan of the whole “secret mount” idea in the first place. I mean, hiding a barely visible note – even if you knew the zone and location, it’s ridiculously difficult to find. Not the kind of quest you could do alone, so nope. A needle in a haystack is neither fun nor immersing type of riddle.

Although following the already discovered steps is a fun adventure, so I went there.

I can’t recall any difficulties. Micromantica did a tiny grind around and within the Blackrock to get the mask recipe and get some mats for crafting it, but it was not too long. There were a couple of mini-games, but I got the mini-game achievements early in Legion from Engineering toys, so this was piece of cake. I got stuck with the maze – obviously :)

It required me two evenings to solve the thing. On the first evening I drew a map in Excel upon my progression, and I got confused a bit, missing a room or two. When it was 3 a.m., I quit because my concentration was not perfect already.

On the second evening I’ve installed an addon, and it helped me although it is not that perfect. I’ve discovered 5 fires and 4 runes pretty quickly (77 rooms), so I extinguished 4 runes first, then I took the 5th fire, erased the already crammed map to point zero, and carefully explored the maze as if from the beginning. So what I needed is just to come across the last rune room – and I would win. Which I did.


I think there are no teleports in the maze. Because I’ve noticed a wonderful thing: when you walk in certain passages, you clearly see the STAIRS GO UP. And so, when you return back, you may have made your way through the second floor and then descend at the other staircase. So, the maze is just multistoried – and the addon doesn’t know that. When I went with my last torch in search of the last rune and paid attention to that, I definitely noticed that I went UP two times – that means, I got from the first floor to the third.

The whole experience vividly reminded me about one of my most favorite horror/thriller movies: Cube.

For those not acquainted with the series (there are 3 movies, Cube, Cube 2 and their prequel) – people awake in a cubic room with absolutely nothing but clothes on them. No food, no water, no medicine, no tools or devices. And no possibility to find anything helpful like that.

They soon discover that all six sides of the room (four walls + top and bottom) have identical trapdoors, leading to the identical cubic rooms. So a person can go in either direction, trying to find the way out of the maze. There’s a group of people trapped in the maze, but they all start solo, coming across each other after some time. Some of the rooms are deadly traps which kill in an instant (wire, acid, flamethrowers etc.), so you have to check every room before entering – like throwing your boot first and dragging it back by laces.

The effect in WoW was absolutely the same. The deadliest trap of all is the Cube – is the maze itself. It’s the maze that drives people insane, making them the most dangerous trap of all.

Now I’ve experienced it on my own skin, and I actually was thrilled about it. It is not a pleasant experience, but if you think of it as a Cube simulator, it was very-very authentic and cool. I liked it.


Anyways, we got the horse :) I was surprised that I had to run the crypt too – it was not like enter/loot thing.


The mount is very cool, I never expected that. Awesome ‘Spacebar’ perk, beautifully drawn, and a very strange movement – not like a horse at all. I’m surprised, but I’ll be riding this.

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