Hallow’s End & Trivia

One more holiday’s here, so let’s check our mount luck once again :) Why of course it’s gonna be a mad grind, 12 tries daily… For Elune!


Meanwhile there’s a new Naxxramas pet (no kidding, it’s pet Naxxramas) and a pair of toys, 150 sweets each. This means more trick-or-treating the taverns of Azeroth for me, a pleasant and fast way to kill some time.

Meanwhile I’m grinding reputations. Micromantica is at 17k with Argussian Reach, and she’s Exalted with Army of Light. Others are all Revered with both factions.

No paragon mount luck. No Valar’jar emissary – for at least a month there hasn’t been one.


The repairs in our newly purchased apartment are finally done – they took only 1,5 months. It’s super fast considering they ripped the apartment to bones first, then built another one on top.

Anyways, we moved in on Sunday night!

I’m still getting used to the new flat (and so are our cats), but it’s finally our own place, not rented one – and designed just as we wanted, planned and performed.




It’s a small but cosy flat, perfect for two people (as we plan no kids). It is 1 minute walk from a gazillion options of public transport (incl. 20-min subway ride to the city center). The building is 3-storied, and we live at the top floor which is great (as we don’t like heights).

So, it’s kinda a dreamplace. Happy now :)

8 thoughts on “Hallow’s End & Trivia

    • Thanks :) We did the harlequin pattern – and emphasized by the original Harlequin mask on the wall, which we bought in Venice. But everyone keeps naming it “Alice in Wonderland” xD


  1. Awesome tiles choice! So cool! And I love your varanda pic ^^

    about WoW: Seems we’re in for some work for this event :D I’m with you on the trick-or-treat-ing, it’s a pleasant way to kill time!


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