Argus Reputation Turmoil & World Quests

The important thing that I recently noticed is that the rotation of emissaries is fucked up now.


The top priority is now Argus and Broken Shore, so Argussian Reach, Army of Light and Legionfall emissaries pop up at least once a week. And that leaves us with four slots for the rest of the factions.

Last week I think I saw Wardens and Highmountain (which I don’t need anymore), and I did a round for Nightfallen and Farondis. I can’t even remember when it was the last time I went for Valarjar or Dreamweavers emissaries. And Kirirn Tor pops up second week in a row.

I think it’s not that bad though. The amount of rep tokens from missions is overwhelming today. I do ONLY reputation missions at my mission table, nevertheless my followers are always busy. It’s like Blizzard wants us to focus on Argus reputations and gameplay, and at the same time let us try and try for faction mounts, but without actually going to these zones. Quite fair, as we’re quite tired of them after a year of world quests, innit?

What it means for me is that every Kirin Tor, Argussian Reach or Army of Light emissary means 12 toons are having their hands full! I’m on fire :)

Micromantica is at 13k Revered with Army of Light and 5-6k Revered with Argussian Reach. Other toons are closing in Revered with AL and at 3-5k with AR.

Darkmoon Faire pays off: my first toon got 800 points in First Aid, and I’m closing their Cooking/First Aid leveling. I’m also interested in farming the Blight Boar gig: there are fun achievements to do and a bass guitar mace to acquire for transmog :)

Here’s the guitarist buff for Anibell the Paladin from the show:


How’s your weeks on Argus rolling?

3 thoughts on “Argus Reputation Turmoil & World Quests

    • I haven’t even discovered how to make them 950 yet :) Mostly I’m on my quest to make six of them to 925. Although Mindebad was the first to get a follow up quest from Alleria, let’s see where we get.


  1. Haha, gosh, you certainly have your hands full, I am more than kept busy with just one character!

    I mostly have been doing Brewfest. I swing by Argus to do the emmisaries though, and explore a bit here and there, but I sadly find myself a tad annoyed with the environment there and the need to navigate up and down and in the middle. It’s just not my strong side, and it kind of hinders my desire to explore.

    Nice, 800 in First Aid. The road to that sure is long. I’m not quite there yet myself. Congrats :)

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