It’s Brewfest in WoW, and it is time to farm everything :)

Thunder Brew!

The new item comes from Thunderbrew brewmasters in the main beer ground – a weather beer. Like Darkmoon potion which turns the sky in the dark, dark night, this brew also alters the sky – bringing thunderstorm clouds!

Unlike Darkmoon potion, this only works during the fest.

Vendor Stuff

I was very productive during the previous festivals, so I have all toys and much stuff that comes from vendor. I need few clothes for transmog yet, and thanks to alts it’s done super fast.

Completing a holiday dungeon and fest introduction quests will grant you 63 tokens – enough for a hat, for example. Hats come 50 tokens per piece, so it’s five minutes per another alt. So all I need to farm is 200 tokens for chest and 100 for shoes – on different alts, of course. Not too long either.

Brewfest Mounts

…which come from the dungeon. Well, like all festival dungeons, it’s more like an elite encounter.

I was determined to farm the shit out of this fest and not miss a day… When boom, Helu – my 9th alt try on the first day – got the drop!


By my tradition, the one who gets the mount gets the picture :)

Brewfest-ram (2)

It dawned on me why these Brewfest mounts are so special. You see, there are two Brewfest mounts which drop from the holiday boss: a kodo and a ram.

The rams and the kodos are always faction specific: an Alliance player can’t buy or ride a kodo, a Horde player can’t mount a ram. With Brewfest mounts: can do!

Although being a recolor, they are quite beautiful. I’d be riding them.

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