Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Who do you cheat on WoW with?

Topic 25 for Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge is: Who do you cheat on WoW with?

Obviously we all love WoW or we wouldn’t be playing and writing about it, but do you spend all your time in Azeroth or do you occasionally (or more often) sneak away to play another game on the side.  Do you find there’s a specific point in each expansion that the urge to play another something else hits?  We’d love to know what other games you play and why?

Let’s say my favorite genres have always been:

  • TBS, or turn-based strategy (most notably Heroes of Might and Magic series) – to play with friends
  • RTS, or real time strategy – campaigns only, I cared about the plot
  • Finally, RPG and MMORPG – where I’ve always valued a cool story in a cool setting paired up with the development of my character.

For TBS, I would name Heroes III (always the best, never outdated!) and Heroes V (very cool campaign story), and Disciples for unique system of resources and combat. Very rarely, but I may have a desire to replay them.

For RTS, I liked the Warcraft series 2 and 3, Starcraft I and II, Age of Mythologies and Warhammer 40k Dark Crusade. Now it’s unlikely that I launch these games, because I don’t have time for them, and campaigns are learnt by heart :) Still, they are waiting for their hour – the same attitude as with re-watching the old favorite movies.

RPG – I’d name the post-apocalyptic Fallout 2 that brought me lots of exciting time spent… and very old games of Allods 1 and 2. Allods were stunningly awesome. You need an extreme tactic thinking to cope with it. It’s so exciting that it will make you forget about its graphics even now. You can’t rush forward killing things, because you’ll be buried too soon. It’s a mere pleasure to combine your quick thinking and reflexes with strategic scheming – and you feel your victories well earned. I can’t praise these 2 games hard enough, and strongly recommend playing them no matter how much time passed. And the gear system? The best I’ve ever seen!

A perfect single-target situation: your tanking warrior fights, four casters heal him. And yet it may not work without tactics! And yeah, this is loot – wanna grab them all, don’t you?


You quickly learn that squirrels and turtles are effing dangerous, and dragons can cast spells:


MMORPG – for now it’s WoW, and WoW only. But I’ve tried most of the games in MMORPG genre, and few may have been an option if WoW suddenly vanished.

Blade and Soul – is a Korean game with martial arts, blades and casting. Stunningly beautiful scenery, very fast combat, gear is… just upgrading you blade, because your garments are purely cosmetic (very sensible). The story’s epic, I didn’t move too far though. I’m not sure how grindy it will become later, but for beginners it’s quite fun.


Allods Online – well, there’s nothing left from original Allods games. Allods were a classic medieval fantasy setting (which I liked too much), now it’s something much more… it’s not bad, it’s just quite another thing which shares only name.

Allods is about shards of the worlds floating in nether. You could move only by portals or by astral ships between them. While obviously having much resemblance to WoW, it’s not a copy at all. Two factions are total puns on either Old Russia legends or Soviet Russia-type of totalitarian state. Humans, orcs, metallic undead, elves and these little rascals – gibberlings. Yes, when you play a gibberling, your character is three guys ) How cool is that? For example, if you play a warrior gibberling, one would hold a shield to protect his brothers/sisters, and the other would swing a sword :) And elves here have wings – finally, thank you. The style is rich, cartoonish – that’s what I like in my games.



SW:TOR – I tried it, and I didn’t like that you have to pay real money for transmog to hide helmet. I love the Star Wars setting, the story and scenery were amazing, so I’d likely may come back there.


Finally, Wildstar. In my WoW blog I’ve already had a pair of posts about the game. It’s super fun, only it’s a bit too much to digest, it’s a bit overwhelming for a random casual session, and now I’m not ready to devote myself in full to the game.

The coolest thing about Wildstar are its humor, extreme fantasy in inventing creatures and different things, outlandish, adventurous fun.

wildstar races

Now, I’ve got WoW to play :)

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