Fiery Screenshots

Yet again I don’t have any time now for anything else but leading my toons through Argus’ new storylines :)

During this week my goal for all toons is completing the talbuk forest part which opens WQ for Argussian Reach, and obviously completing the second chapter along with completing one of the invasions.


I’m having lots of fun observing the cinematic with different alts, making screenshots. Sad enough, Anibell as a human has the most convincing look yet, but not so cool for my Gnomes, although I like few of their shots:


I wanted to take a cool goblin pic of Schlitzchen, but she entered the area in shaman form, so… cinematic for her was ghost wolf, which is basically a mist at this angle. I still have Faerella for backup – I would take care to dismiss my demon just in case :) And now that I’m warned, my only chance to see Tauren is Helu the Druid, who would also drop her travel/feline form before cinematic.

I did invasions on several toons, and it’s not very cool. My mage kept dying whatever she does – she suffers lots of unavoidable damage. On the other hand, when I went with Paitsu as a Brewmaster – I had so much FUN there! I put an ox statue which aggroes everything from a large distance, and toss kegs into the fray, redirecting them to myself. Absolutely no worries! Even if no one healed me, I were indestructible. So, depending on your class, it either is major pain and cemetery runs or fun.

I’m not sure I will be able to get all my toons ready for Chapter 3 by Wednesday, but I’m feeling that I’m not in a hurry now. I just take my time – I’ll be there, so I’m totally relaxed. I quit working on paragon mounts for now – I’ll resume this in a while. Frankly I need a break from it – Argus feels like more fun to do now.

I got profession quests for most of my toons. It’s strange that Tailors gave me a recipe for some old pants, ilvl 359 or something. Way outdated, so I was like: whaaa? :) Again, I’m not in a hurry – my leatherworkers need this new cloth for their quest, and I don’t even bother to send it from my other toons which don’t need it themselves :)

A total relax, just digesting the new content, savoring, enjoying it in small portions.

9 thoughts on “Fiery Screenshots

  1. I don’t think there is any unavoidable damage in invasions. Voidzones can be avoided, mob proximity agro can be dropped by going into player zerg – as most people use AoE, they will inevitably take agro from you.

    Mages in particular have many tools to avoid mobs (Blink, Frost Nova, and Invisibility), frost mages have additional tools like elemental’s freeze and Circle of Frost, and cooldown time can (partly) be survived inside Ice Blocks (which can be talented to heal the mage).

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    • I were in a big invasion, and the boss just kept placing a DoT on me which eats away 20% per tick. Good luck coping with that: Ice Block can save you once, but not 4 times in a row. There’s nothing you can do.


      • I’d be spec-changing now if possible: at least tanks will tank by all means.
        I don’t see myself as a healer, because I merely don’t see any group member frames. Could work to save myself though :)

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  2. The one big invasion I did, the boss does a charm spell, which doesn’t hit you if you look away while she casts it. Do you think any of the other people in there were smart enough to look away? I died every time because I was the only one NOT charmed, so I got aggro. Even LFR is better than this.

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    • Yeah, that boss exactly. People mostly figured out what to do, but she puts heavy ticking DoTs you can’t avoid. Not without a healer, and how a healer (if you have one) could figure out about your health troubles if he doesn’t see your health frame?


      • In fact, if you join the premade group for greater invasion, there are frames as usual. It’s in Looking for groups -> Premade Groups -> Quests, Legion Raids or Other (all 3 subsections may have groups for invasion).


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