Trivia: Argus, Gear and Stuff


The weekend was quite productive.

IRL trivia: my apartment loan in August was affirmed, and we’ve made a deal and finally acquired our own place to live! Well, even if I got the keys and technically own our new place, I’m not moving there for at least a month – because, duh, it needs complete repairs, including changing floors and stuff. I’m telling all this here because all the repair business is quite new to me, and it appeared to be very interesting and consuming lots of my time and attention – taking it from the game of course.

Nevertheless, I’m all in Argus now in my gaming hours. I’ve led almost all my toons up to opening of Argus world quests, except shaman and rogue. They will catch up in a couple of days – they’re technically on Argus already, but didn’t do any quests yet.

I’ve added new reputation columns to my chart – it’s funny to see most of my toons being at 2850 Friendly with Army of Light and at 875 Neutral with Krokul – that’s what you get upon completing the first chapter. I’m probably heading to Exalted with them – depends on what rewards do they need from vendors, professions and all. By all means at least Micromantica needs Exalted, because mounts, tabards and other pleasant things.

I’ve managed to run few LFRs in the Tomb on weekend. This week Faerella the Warlock and Helu the Druid completed their gear collections, yay! A piece of luck for Micromantica – she got the last boss piece, but she still needs boots from trash. Anibell the Paladin and Melaris the Demon Hunter got no luck this time – they need three boss pieces together.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do with things that come from trash only. Technically they drop for every class of correspondent armor type. I need 1 cloth piece, 2 leather pieces and 2 plate pieces which come from trash only – but surely I’m not gonna run the raid with every toon to maximize my chances? I don’t want to burn out, so it’s gonna be occasional runs with a hope for luck – maybe 1 armor type toon in a week. Anyways, it’s a relaxing thing for spare time, not the obligatory runs now. Even if they don’t drop by the end of expansion, I’m ok with that.

Did Darkmoon Faire runs – it’s mostly Cooking and First Aid that I need to level there. I want this Blight Boar guitar mace from the metal gig, but it’s not that urgent, so I may skip it this month.

Didn’t try to get the new riddle horse yet :) Have you?

Acting cool.

6 thoughts on “Trivia: Argus, Gear and Stuff

  1. Trying for the Lucid Nightmare today, happily I am getting an escort from a veteran of the journey.
    Grats on the new place, that is exciting.

    And … I totally agree, being reduced to running raids for trash drops really doesn’t feel like good game design!

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  2. Grats in the purchase. Very exciting times ahead :)
    I love reading the little bits of information you put in about St Petersberg and Russia.
    All of us bloggers are scattered around the globe.
    I’d love to see photos of where we all live.. in general not specifics, if that makes sense. I have a blog post in mind now.


    • Yeah, I really support the post idea! Maybe IRL photos of bloggers as well? It’s always exciting to see people behind the pen.

      If you have any questions about Russia, just ask :) I just love to ruin stereotypes and deliver correct information.


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