Second Day on Argus

Right, so it’s second day on Argus now.

New things to cover:

Mobs are not that deadly and annoying – maybe it’s because I’ve learned some ways already, so I don’t end up in a dead end surrounded by dozens that followed me. I also watch out and care of not aggroing extra guys.

Elite quest mobs are impossible to kill solo yet – not without a tanking pet or a tanking class. Basically 2 dps are quite enough to cope with a boss mob. Luckily it’s the first days, so many people are around in a pair of minutes, so I just wait a bit and kill any boss mob by all means.

Did the complete world quest batch today – 10 quests or so. Each quests granted me 75 reputation. So, it’s 750 rep per day (maybe less – if some quests were from the previous day). I’d say it’s a decent pace if you’re really into it. Throw in emissary quests for 1500 rep, so you can cope with it in a month if not lazy. I’m planning to be lazy though )

There’s more trouble with krokuul – I got only one world quest for them yet, so I need some other ways. Shall the quests be discovered later upon moving on with questlines? I’m doing some quest missions for them at my mission table – let’s see where it’s all going.

I’ve checked out the new faction vendors – Army of Light didn’t offer me even the list of goods yet, so I don’t even know what they have. I wonder why – I’m almost Honored with them! Krokuul have many useful things though (but unavailable yet).

An ethereal dude at our ship sells 910 tokens for 650 Argus currency each – that’s gonna be my focus now, upgrading from Tomb’s gear to feel myself more confident on Argus. Micromantica, upon completing initiate quests and world quests, got 750 currency, so I bought shoulders – 885->910, and raising her ilvl 900->902. It’s gonna be a thing for my toons in the upcoming month.

Will be leading my toons through Argus storyline on weekend – I need to get them all to world quests and set up a routine. World quests are really rewarding on new planet – be it gold, resources, gear or anything else.

That’s the plan :)

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