Trivia: Holidays, Specs, Gear, Weapons and More

Yet again I’m over with my weekly session by Monday with cooldown popping on Wednesday. So, this week’s trivia are as follows:

Dance Holiday

…is one more proof that new holidays are a waste of time of epic scales to me. So, you come to the AH to hear some weird (in a bad sense) music, see the multicolored floor, and everyone dancing. The dance happens without your participation. The dances are all the same boring stuff from your type /dance – nothing new.

There’s obviously a bunch of “clever trolls” (read: stupid kids and assholes) who would use the “enlarge-your-Gamon” toys to try and make everyone notice them, and that’s a majority there. I also waited for 10 minutes, and never had a spotlight at the scene, then I quit. Why do I need it – I don’t know. The same stuff about every other holiday of this year – each and every one of them is not fun, and is a complete waste of time. I should stop checking them out, really.

Tomb of Sargeras

…was a blast. I think I saw only one or two wipes in my cozy LFR during 12 runs, most people definitely learnt the strategy and geared up a bit, although the encounters are exhaustingly long. Not hard, but boring long.

I finished the Pillars quest for every toon – required grabbing them very FAST and lingering there in the middle when the last 100k of the boss was counting down. Now I got my prize, completed the lore step, and I don’t bother about it anymore :)

A decent drop of different items, incl. tier ones. The strangest thing happened. Paitsu the Monk has already obtained EVERY tier item that comes from bosses – she doesn’t require the last three bosses to complete her set. But she lacks two pieces that drop from… trash mobs. No kidding, I checked the loot page at wowhead, and they really come from trash, and from trash only.

It’s the most ridiculous situation. From now on, Paitsu is supposed to run the raid wings with trash. Loot only trash with fingers crossed. And she’s free to go right before the last raid wing boss. It’s just ridiculous.


Circa 8 caches of different factions this week, no mounts to report. At least I need the last 500 rep for just Hexen to complete her Legionfall Exalted, and I may forget about Broken Shore forever.


Closing in. 52 traits is my goal for every weapon available before the next patch. Coming soon.


There will be a separate spec review post. Let’s just say my hate for Demonology and Beast Mastery was rekindled – again.

6 thoughts on “Trivia: Holidays, Specs, Gear, Weapons and More

  1. None of the tier pieces drop from trash.
    It’s a Wowhead bug that seems to happen sometimes when the loot is in a chest rather than on the boss itself.

    Check the dungeon journal to find which bosses drop the pieces you are missing


    • Thanks, I’ll check the dungeon journal as well. But I went to wowhead just to check which mobs drop these pieces. The set models panel in the game says that it’s “world loot”. If the item drops from random raid boss, it’s specified, so it comes from trash.


    • Confirmed yesterday: my warlock looted a belt from trash which filled the priest set model piece. And this belt is not seen on the raid bosses loot table: only two are there (one for mage, one for warlock).

      So yes, we should be farming trash too for certain classes :) Not only bosses.


  2. I’m also aiming for 52 traits in all weapons but don’t have the commitment to it that you have, not even all classes at 110 yet.
    My goals are all for end of expansion though so I have a little bit more time.

    I really want all those mounts! :)


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