Blight Boar: A Metal Gig Event

There is a new event currently running in Darkmoon Faire, and it’s a metal gig :)

If you ride from First Aid dailies to the east, you’ll find a cave where a gig happens once an hour – but on 30th minute not to overlap with ETC gigs.

It’s a sort of an underground club, and with a chill out zone in the street :) All the audience and the band are Undead – fitting with their race dance moves (headbanging for males and a sort of a gothic dance for females).

It’s not just a gig. Some enormous knight who proclaims himself a king of metal runs in shortly after the song starts, and it’s sort of a raid boss to kill – could do it without being in a raid group, but not soloable of course. Once he’s dead, the vocalist girl goes in the middle of mosh pit, and very fat ghouls with shields start walking to her from all sides. You are then supposed to kill them, while stunning and tossing back with your race abilities – not letting them to reach the vocalist.

Several achievements are available for successful participation. And cool loot, most notably a toy which turns you into the singer (although you can’t move, or effect vanishes), and a bass guitar 2H mace – transmoggable!


I have mixed feelings about the event.

I like the general idea – it’s a metal gig after all, and I’m a metalhead :) The music is so much better than ETC – it’s pretty decent death metal compared to a very mediocre heavy metal, poorly composed and recorded.

I like the prizes – this is the type of stuff I’m eager to run for. On my first try with Backston the Hunter she got the toy. And I need that mace by all means.

I like that event is pretty fast.

What I don’t like is that you can’t properly listen to music and see the band :) You’re busy fighting, and the event is limited by the song, so when the ghouls are dead, everything’s over. Basically it’s a world boss fight with metal soundtrack – nothing you could not achieve in the open world with music player on :)

8 thoughts on “Blight Boar: A Metal Gig Event

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this! I hadn’t heard about this new event yet… I would have missed it if you wouldn’t have written a post about it.

    It really sounds like a fun “world boss”! I can’t wait to head of to the Darkmoon Faire and give it a try :)

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  2. That guitar should have been a bow that fires arrows when you play it… Other than that it sounds rad and I cant’t wait to head to the fair ;-)
    Could it be a first move in the direction of the next class: the bard? Because it HAS to be bard, right?!

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    • The idea’s not very viable I think :)
      1. Too many classes already
      2. It must be a mail armor class (currently: 3 cloth, 4 leather, 3 plate, 2 mail), and it doesn’t make much sense.
      3. It must be a healer/ranged caster – which niche is taken by priests.
      4. Core abilities should include chords and sounds, could be very tiresome.

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      • I see your point but:

        1. Hazzikostas already stated that more “non-hero” classes will be added. Many bloggers and youtubers are already debating which class comes next… The big 2 top bets are Tinker & Bard;
        2. There was already 3 leather, yet they added the Demon Hunter;
        3. Healer/ranged caster is also Shaman and Druid… Following that logic, DH had no reason to exist because Rogues already exist;
        4. I could see mechanics with notes building combo points, then finishers being melodies…

        All in all, Bard makes sense, I really wouldn’t see why the tinker would be favoured ;-)

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  3. I’ve been on it. Good to know that it is quality music as I’d not know the difference!
    Like you, toy on first try … I’ve got nothing since.
    I had some fun yesterday, staying at the DMF and logging in for the five minutes to try and then logging out again and going back to my book or movie. I wonder if that Axe (it’s a mace) is super rare, otherwise I’d not return!


    • Well, Blight Boar song is not something outstanding or remarkable to listen outside of game, but it’s fine for a soundtrack. Elite Tauren Chieftains’ stuff is all so awful and sad.

      I wish I had an opportunity to present a new band into the game :) I’m quite capable of composing several cool rock/metal songs for the cause by all means. Obviously this would be a Gnome/Goblin band :)

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  4. I just tried it out, and really thought it was a tad messy. I wish that they had been playing for a while, so we can enjoy that, and then get interrupted by the fight.
    Instead, as you say, we have to focus on the fight, not the music.

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