LFR: Never Start As a Healer


It’s the first day when common mortals are allowed to Tomb of Sargeras!

I had spare 40 minutes before going to work, and I queued as a healer due to shorter queues.

Aurinko the Holy Priest didn’t experience too much trouble there. The worst moments were at the trash mobs I guess. I noticed how people failed to follow certain mechanics at the bosses and died, but it was a complete mystery what these mechanics were because I was focused on health bars!

There was a pretty bad moment at Har’jatan in the very end when things just went south, both tanks were dead simultaneously and in an instant. Battle rez took our group some time, but we pulled it off.

There were no wipes, the worst case was 3 or 4 group members dead by the end of encounter.

As for loot – I got a trinket with a healer’s bonus from the last boss :)

As for bosses or raid environment… now here we go with the name of the post. I’ve pretty much missed everything about lore and environments, about how raid mechanics work (it seems I caught every whirling blade at the Naga lady boss). I guess there were some murlocs and jellyfish. Because I was staring at health bars! :)

Not making that mistake again. My first entrance into any raid must always be a ranged dps. It gives you an opportunity to gawp at a raid design, focus on the boss and trash mobs to see who they are and what they do. Once you learn the mechanics – mostly AVOIDING mechanics by heart, your healers will perform it easily and with only a slightest glance at the environs.

Doing the raid again today – on ranged dps, melee dps, and who knows – maybe even tanking. And so I’ll be writing my traditional “A Peep into [Raid Wing]” post tomorrow :)

P.S. The loot proved once again that on your first run you usually get trinkets, rings or necks. Since the second run there’s more chance to get capes, belts and wrists, and only then major tier items start to drop.

One thought on “LFR: Never Start As a Healer

  1. Pardon me for laughing but it is totally true!
    That first look as a healer really makes you feel tethered to the health bars and it is hard to even watch your own feet. Then you curse other players for standing in the obvious wrong place and then you wonder why you are so generous with your time for those crummy slobs!

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