So, have you got your Concordance yet?

By now I have it on four toons. Those would be Micromantica (Frost), Mindebad (Frost), Backston (Marksmanship) and Faerella (Affliction) – in other words, those classes largely focused on one spec for me.

There was no special grind. Just LFR, emissary questing and order hall missions.

Now when I’m getting Concordance on one spec, I would switch to play the other specs and boost them to 52 as well. After that? I stop worrying about Artifact Power at all. This would be the end of the line. I would focus on gold probably.

Reaching this level of artifact power makes me try even the specs which I’m uncomfortable with. And once I learn and master – they suddenly become comfortable and cool.

Micromantica is now a badass firestarter. Not exactly a new and an exciting spec for me, but it’s fun in raids by all means.

Mindebad spent two days reading guides and tweaking talents, but I’m so into Unholy now that it gives me shivers! I’ve even combined a brand new cool transmog for my now Plague Knight:


I’ve also checked out the model sets for plate robes and skirts (quite a rare occasion in plate armor company), and I found that Heart of Fear offers very cool outfits :) My next destination during the coming weekend.

Legion is not only alt friendly, it’s spec friendly as well.

7 thoughts on “Concordance!

  1. Hey, I was wondering, do you know, if Blizzard plans yet another overhaul to our artifact weapon, like they did in, was it 7.2? Meaning, that all points spend gets refunded/calculated whatever, stuff they did? Or is the way we are seeing them now, what we will have until the next expansion? :)
    I should stop putting more points into my resto weapon.


  2. Congrats on your progress! And grats on having fun learning how to play the other specs, too! :D

    Someday, I will reach Concordance… but I haven’t even started the Legionfall stuff yet :P


    • Tried one Nethershard token – got a boring transmog model I already have – don’t bother about Nethershard gearing :)

      My toons are all over 870 – more than enough for the next LFR.


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