Kil’Jaeden Death Cinematic: Your Thoughts?

*Spoiler alert

On the first day Kil’Jaeden was defeated, and the raid cinematic leaked to the internet. As a LFR raider and a lore addict I won’t be able to wait until August 8, when I see it with my own eyes, so I decided to watch it tonight.

Here it is.

The encounter happens at the Legion ship and in Twisting Nether, so it’s quite enough to make the kill final (like Archimonde).

What is interesting is that Kil’Jaeden, unlike his bro Archie, saw all the Legion business as the only option. He corrupted many worlds, committed all the atrocities and followed the fallen titan only because he never believed that defeating Sargeras was possible. He just picked the winning side – as he thought it was. But in Broken Shore cinematic he was already in big doubt.

And now, before his death he tells Velen that he was envious of the Prophet’s gift, faith and vision. He’s sorry that he couldn’t see many paths as Velen did.

And it’s slightly different reason why he chased draenei so maniacally. This was not in favor of serving Sargeras. If you remember, he put aside his Legion duties to chase them. It was brother love that moved him, and it was the betrayed love. And there’s no hate stronger than the one transformed from love.

So now, dying, he sees that mortals are quite capable of defeating Legion and Sargeras. That total destruction is not the only option. And that heel-to-face turn is not surprising, if you consider his history.

The other big thing in the cinematic is Illidan’s gambit. Not at all surprising: he always makes an unexpected and rushing move for what he thinks is best. Sadly, all his moves always end in failures.

Anyways, it could work this time. He dragged Argus from the galaxy far-far away and turned it into Azeroth satellite, judging by its size on screenshots and in cinematic ending.

A brilliant move – to some extent. The planet is where the high ranks and most armies of Legion reside, and also its forge. So it’s gonna be very convenient to strike at it, hanging nearby than inventing some spaceships or means to rip a fabric of reality and send armies far away from home. And as we presumably closed the rift in Tomb of Sargeras (did we? All the pillars thing should have worked), it’s not the endless demon armies now. They can’t summon them like they did before!

On the other hand, it works both ways. The Legion’s major stronghold is at our doorstep, and the armies would be vast, albeit without reinforcements. And what’s with the “kill them in Twisting Nether” thing? And what’s with Sargeras himself? Is he at Argus too? Won’t he slice Azeroth in half if he is?

It seems that we can take out their major forge and base camp now, but will it end all the demon thing and Legion’s generals?

We shall see.

3 thoughts on “Kil’Jaeden Death Cinematic: Your Thoughts?

  1. I don’t find it weird the way Kil’jaeden portrayed in the cinematic, in our not-so-far-history people did awful things even when they know they are doing the wrong thing, because they are following orders, for these people defiance have a high price, which is usually prison, torture and execution, something they saw or did to other people.

    Illidan? that jerk did it again, but yeah, i agree with you, it may work this time.


    • Archimonde was by all means seduced by power and knowledge perspectives, so he would be loyal to Sargeras no matter what. Because he got all the promised things.

      Kil’Jaeden was not that obsessed with power, but they agreed it would be a benefit for eredar people. Now look: Velen alone saw the awful future, and he fled, which looked like a betrayal of their triumvirate bonds, and it deeply hurt Kil’Jaeden. If he were able to see the uncertainty of the future, he may have run with Velen too.

      He made it his personal business to find and avenge draenei for this betrayal. The major reason for corrupting orcs was making them an unstoppable tool to finally corner and eradicate draenei. Using the Horde as a force to invade Azeroth was merely a side effect – or more likely, an excuse when Sargeras demanded why Kil’Jaeden is wasting his Legion working hours for a petty revenge.


  2. That smile on Illidan’s face at the end… just priceless. He saw his opportunity to be “the hero” by bringing the enemy closer – because who would know better about bringing enemies into back pockets – and he decided to take it. We had to have a place to fight, and this is gonna be it. We can’t just defeat our enemy. ;-)


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