Class Mounts: Paladin

*Spoiler alert: the post is Anibell’s diary, so if you plan to see paladin mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Anibell – Paladin

The guy in your order hall tells you that you need harness for your new mount. He also tells that back in days he was giving out mount quests, and it required lots of mats. Not anymore – it will be simpler now.

First, we need a basic harness item, and it comes from leatherworkers or AH. Paitsu crafted it in two seconds and sent to Anibell. Good, says the guy. Now we need to make it cool and decorated. He then sends us to Dalaran blacksmith, and the blacksmith requires 25 ore (easy, Anibell is a miner and a blacksmith, so she had this on her), and you also need to buy a sapphire from Suramar vendors – disguised. Alas, it costs 500 Suramar mana, and I’ve just spent 400 for daily quest! Anyways, I picked the required amount in 5 minutes or so in the very same Suramar city. Sapphire is mine!

The blacksmith decorates our mount’s harness, and we set off for the mount itself. It’s in Stratholme, which is conveniently next door to our paladin order hall.

Of course we mostly cleared the city (see: dungeons), but something evil still lurks there, so we need to investigate and also retrieve the bones of Baron Rivendare’s horse (nice, eh?).

We are able to pick our role and take two NPC with you: tanks, healers or DPS. I went as a tank, and picked up a DPS dwarf girl and a healer human girl to join me. I wondered if the rat trap will work here :) It didn’t.

Basically what you do is repeating the dungeon experience: a shadowy necromancer appears and raises dead skeletons in front of ziggurats, and when you cope with them, it’s a boss to fight at a ziggurat door and a paladin to free inside.


During the encounters you have to use your paladin abilities: dispelling yourself and allies, picking adds, doing interrupts and stuns.

When you’re done, you return with holy water you collected and add it to the harness.



Now we’re off for the mount! We go to the Rivendare’s slaughterhouse, and discover that the horse’s bones were taken! Then you obviously fight the mounted necromancer in the square who summons LOTS of skeletons, and many NPC paladins help you too.

It was a very tense fight, and both of my helpers were dead (but resurrected by other NPC). The skeletons are PLENTY, dozens, so it’s hard even for a tank.

Ta-dam! The necromancer is dead, and we trap the horse to cleanse it.


And we do.




The horse is not happy:


But then it suddenly is!


It’s hard to say who’s more surprised: the mount or Anibell who didn’t expect such an intimidating bulk of a percheron:


Ok, it recognized me :)


I don’t have Concordance yet, so the mount doesn’t change with changing specs now. It carries all three things: healer’s tome, vindicator’s hammer and protection’s shield, so it’s kinda universal now.

It’s been a good questline, and by all means it’s gonna be one of the best.

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One thought on “Class Mounts: Paladin

  1. :O wow that mount looks awesome as well, I think! Man, it sounds so great with having to use your class abilities too. I was expecting that on my Druid quest but nothing of importance.


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