Lull? Lull

Yes, this is probably it.

1. Reputations. We’re heading to Exalted at top speed. Got few bonus chests, but no mount luck yet.


2. Legionfall. The Loremaster campaign appeared to be extremely grindy – each and every step now is this. Farm 2500 nether shards (tip: invasions), farm 100 Sentinax shards, do 12 world quests, kill 100 demons (tip: imp pits in upper Faronaar), this week it’s finding 10 wyrmtongue caches. I’ve spent 15 minutes and flew over the whole Broken Shore – found one, and one that I couldn’t detect even if I found a cave nearby. I will do Loremaster achievement, but I’m not sure I want to complete this campaign on all alts despite the AP rewards. Maybe I will while waiting for raids.

3. Transmogs. Yes, as for raids – it’s transmog runs through Emerald Nightmare for me nowadays. Bosses pop like rotten tomatoes, they’re just zerged. People don’t even bother to clear the trash before assaulting Cenarius himself – it’s just killed through cleaves.

I had not much luck with gear though. Many items dropped, but not the ones I need. Well, I need to be trying.

Older raids are much more rewarding, although when it comes to the last tier piece – it’s pain again :) My mage Micromantica lacks 2 pieces from Molten Core, 1 piece from Ulduar, 1 piece from Trial of Crusader and so on. It’s a pleasant and relaxing activity. I’m not on fire to collect every set, but I need these achievements at least on one toon, and I want nice tier pieces for other alts – mainly chests, hands, legs and feet. I mean, who cares about the wrists?


4. Achievements. I’m slowly closing the long-delayed achievements. I’m Legion Master of All, I performed Mass Obliteration, I cooked The Legion Menu, I’ve found all treasures in Suramar and killed all elites there. I’m doing every Archaeology quest for This Side Up, tracking fishing dailies for Fishing ‘Round the Isles. I am one step from Higher Dimensional Learning. And Faerella – as a warlock – is occasionally farming sightless eyes for Underbelly Tycoon – damn, I need this rat!

So, here’s my week. As will be the next one. Nothing really exciting to post, just routines :)


8 thoughts on “Lull? Lull

    • I’m sorry if there’s an impression that I’m complaining – I am not :) I like my routines, because they lead to goals that I want to achieve in game.

      There’s one important thing players need to learn: if you don’t like it, don’t do it.

      Whatever Blizzard invents, successful or not, no one makes me do any activity if I don’t like it. My list in WoW includes: almost no PvP, only 2 (TWO) Mythic dungeon runs during the whole expansion, no scheduled raiding and no raiding above LFR, skipping Balance of Power questline, skipping Illidan soul questline when they wanted us to grind 80 wossnames in dungeons. I have my goals, I have lots to do, and WoW is fun for me.

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      • Sorry. Early in the morning without coffee comments.

        I am in the same boat. I just do what I feel like working on. I got dragged in last night to do the 4 Mythics. All I wanted was to just run regular. But people had keys, and what I thought would be a fast evening dragged out with people bringing Alts that needed gear. I know for many anything below a +5 is easy. I don’t particularly enjoy it. I’ve taken a more, I will get it when I get it outlook. I have plenty to do. But the motivation has to come from me. It’s why I’m still only half way to exalted +10000 on all factions. The dangling of a possible mount is not motivation any more.


  1. Mounts will be my motivation for doing Broken Shore campaign on alts. Sadly, the class mount I care the least about is the one for my ‘main’ class, but that’s ok … now with flying, the alts are catching up quickly and things I found tedious are fun again.


  2. I have so much to do/catch up/explore that it’s all slightly overwhelming. I love profession farming, rep grinding, achievements, but I’m so squishy I’m having trouble so grinding gear seems to be the way forward… Which is boring. Boo.


    • Surely Legion takes longer to achieve all this, but – you’ll be there :)

      As for gear, I’ve followed the classic path of dungeons -> heroic dungeons -> LFR. Plus there are lots of items coming from world quests and emissary chests. I’ve ran just two mythic dungeons during the whole expansion, and I’m totally fine.

      If you’re planning to play some alts, I suggest you start Artifact Knowledge research for them asap. Easy example: my hunter was leveling one artifact weapon during September-November, and then she decided to respec. She had 24 traits on her main weapon, and AK level 16. So she got the same 24 traits on other weapon during one day thanks to artifact knowledge.

      Same advice for your main: AK research must be running all the time, it’s priority number one.

      And one more: there’s no reason to get obsessed with ‘legendary’ items. Eventually you get some via emissary chests, dungeons or raids, and by the end of expansion they’ll become vendor trash. I have 2-4 legendaries on every toon with no running mythic dungeons and lfr-only raiding.


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