Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Best Dressed


Topic 17 is about transmogs, and I’ll be glad to share some of mine :)

Transmogs have become relevant with me since Draenor. Before WoD I was quite happy with my current items, and used transmog only as a tweak here and there. But WoD armor and weapons were ugly. So since May 2015 I’m spending much gold for transmog itself and transmog items in auction house.

Changing Sets for Class Fantasy

I like to think about class fantasy, and if a certain one stops resonating with me, there goes a complete revamp from head to toes:

Aurinko was a Shadow Priest with a badass torture dungeon style. Pretty Black Metal:


Then she tried healing, and she liked it. Her current mogging is based on Legion raid sets, and it perfectly fits what I call a Battle Medic. Medic is important, because there’s not much spirit involved – just science:


Bons went for a barbaric style in Draenor – an all-exposed berserk:



Her current incarnation, influenced much by Legion invasion, is totally “For the Alliance” – up to eleven. The greatest catch was a dwarven silver hammer which made her image complete:


She’s sharing the looks approach with Anibell, my paladin. For now they’re both Alliance fighters, and they’re both paladins in classic meaning: the warriors in shining armor. The core element is the lion-head cuirass from Trial of Crusader:


Special Designs

In WoD I went through special mogging designs which could take me weeks of tuning this or that item until I was finally happy. The best were:

Kellers – my ex-mage. The theme is cinders and ash, charcoal black and orange flames:


Hedersen – my ex-rogue


Her theme was pirate, so my current rogue Hexen inherited the looks. The basic element are these wavy pants, and color red:


Salash – my ex-hunter – had probably the craziest transmog ever – Satanic Firebat from Hell:

Rottenshield – my ex-warrior – had moderately successful composition of sewer-drained, rusty and molded armor, straight from the depths of Undercity:

Oluu – my ex-monk – was the designer of this awesome Outland-themed monk set:


…which is happily used by Paitsu here and then:


This is War

But I’m not for the shiny, decorated and outstanding outfits nowadays in Legion! My modern mogging is mostly based on being comfy. I want to convey class fantasy, and at the same time not to be a shiny hero in diamonds and flames, but rather your next-door working horse. Like they said in Terry Pratchett’s novel – if you can’t milk goats in your witch cloak, it’s not a witch cloak.

It’s war. It’s dirty, and you have to be practical, and not be afraid to lose a diamond off your cape:

This is it for transmogrification talks for today!

2 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Best Dressed

  1. Seriously, I absolutely love all of those transmogs!! They are so great! Very well suited to their class, and they look AWESOME. I really love the black shadow priest one you did. Love it all!

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