Riddler’s Mind-Worm

I’ve promised a separate post about the mount in my Twitter, so here I am.

There are many guides in the web with directions, so I’ll just share my experience.

Basically getting this mount is visiting several points in the open world and in group content. The group content includes Well of Eternity dungeon and the last boss, Firelands raid and Ragnaros’ room, Siege of Orgrimmar and Sha of Pride room.

You should loot the pages which are barely visible on the ground. It’s nearly impossible to do without a visual guide, so you’d better google for it.

The pages are invisible even when you stand right in front of it, the clues are vague, and even when you know the answer you cannot possibly guess even the area save the exact small spot. I’m not the worst explorer (in fact, this is what I do and what I’m proud of in WoW), but I don’t know how these riddles were solved! So cheers to those brave and cunning people :)

There were two milestone things due to this journey.

First, I soloed Siege of Orgrimmar for the very first time in my life and found it possible! I didn’t stop at the needed Sha of Pride and proceeded till Garrosh. And then, just for fun, I came for the Throne of Thunder and saw Ra-Den for the first time in my life too! Now I’ll be running these raids for transmogs :)

Second, I’ve observed human nature and intellect at its worst. One of the page spots is a small landing near Shado Pan Monastery, and there were dozens of players which crowded the landing and neither could loot the page.

The throng could never organize themselves. They would yell: let me loot it, they would chaotically run in and out of the landing on mounts, they would call each other stupid, they would do everything except the only reasonable thing: step back and organize a small queue.

While the trouble could be solved in 2 minutes for everyone, Anibell the Paladin has spent 40 exciting minutes on a snow slope nearby observing this flock of sheep. I’ve seriously tried to organize them, but I could not. There only came more.

When I got tired and saw that no positive changes to human nature would happen tonight, I logged out with Anibell and logged in with Aurinko the Priest. As an engineer, Aurinko can use the AH in Dalaran, so she bought some mats for 15g. Then Aurinko sends mats to Mayluna the Druid and logs out.

Mayluna logs in, walks to the mailbox, takes the mats, and brews Draenic Invisibility Potions for Anibell, then mails it and logs out.

Anibell logs in, takes Draenic invisibility Potion, flies to Shado Pan statue right into the flock, drinks it, loots the page, flies away.


Hive mind’s intellect equals the intellect of the most stupid member. It was a sad experience.

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