Blizzard Cancel One of the Flight Requirements

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So, Blizzard noticed the concern of players and addressed it the very next day.

It is true that invasions don’t come in convenient time. Valsharah yesterday was active for 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., and while my workday starts at 11 a.m. and I was able to do it, the other people who study or work from earlier hours would not get it.

The flight requirements grow smaller. First we were supposed to complete the Broken Shore campaign, but upon the patch release we don’t have to wait for 11 weeks and we don’t have to do it.

Then Blizzard cancels invasions which could be an issue (although it’s perfectly likely that they would pop in convenient time over a course of 2 weeks).

It’s gigantic steps towards players, so thanks.

I will do the invasion achievement anyways. I’m eager to see every zone lore, and there are nice rewards. And I’ve found an answer to yesterday’s question: will the invasions grow old after we complete the achievement?

The answer is: no.

First, it’s a change in the routine, and you could do something new for the same emissary chests.

Second, it addresses one of my other lore concerns: that we didn’t actually fight the Legion itself during questing in Broken Isles. And now we do, and we feel the threat. It’s actually awesome.


  • I’ve completed Val’sharah and Stormheim invasions by now, so I’m eager to see Azsuna and Highmountain.
  • Micromantica is at 3,368 reputation Honored which means 8,600 rep left for flying. I’m – not – farming – anything. I just do a couple of WQ in the morning and a couple of WQ in the evening, 10 minutes max for every seat. How’s that could be called grind?
  • Slowly completing the artifact quests to open new traits for every spec of every class. So far 23/36 weapons.
  • Completing a couple of emissaries in a day on random toons.
  • Looking in the direction of resuming my Nighthold raid runs.
  • Enjoying my game :)

2 thoughts on “Blizzard Cancel One of the Flight Requirements

  1. Yeah, I was sort of glad they removed the requirement. My impression was that the Assaults would come faster and faster until all four would be up at once (eventually) so that it would not be too hard to get them all — I guess I was wrong with that.
    Totally fun, I also have done Val’Sharah and Stormheim; they are so different! Well done and fun.


    • In EU region Valsharah was at 10 a.m. -> 4 p.m. and Stormheim at 4 a.m. -> 10 a.m. (Western Russia/Finland GMT+3)

      You can’t find “convenient time” for us.

      EU region spreads over TWELVE time zones, from Russian Far East (which borders with Japan and Alaska) to Iceland. And in this range there are different personal work/study schedules, so you can’t please all or even majority.


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