As Expected

Exactly what it says on the cover.

1. Roles & Broken Shore

Bons the Warrior went to Broken Shore scenario in Protection spec, and it was awesome for her. I’ve never felt so free and cool, she collected many foes around her, she was in the fray of battle – thank gods, not impeded by collecting loot. She just cut through it as a meteor of blade and blood.

In two words, it was a blast.

As expected, tanks feel perfect in Broken Shore. If my toon has a tanking spec, it will tank from now on. If you are a squishy DPS and aren’t so lucky to have a tanking minion, good luck with your cemetery runs.

2. Artifact Weapon Quests

So, I’ve figured out the artifact weapons quest routine in 7.2., all done via quests:

  • Visit three points in Broken Shore
  • Visit Order Hall to grab research level 26 and place new research order
  • Loot mobs at Broken Shore to get Legion agents’ plans
  • Visit Dalaran to witness a massacre in Council of Six tower
  • Get quests for every artifact weapon and complete them
  • Return to Khadgar & Co. for reward

All this streak is independent from other activities in Broken Shore – although you must finish the first scenario of course to get to questgiver (Khadgar).

Upon completion:

  • You get artifact knowledge of 26 which multiplies AP rewards by 4
  • You are able to continue artifact knowledge research
  • You unlock the fourth level of traits and also new block of traits

So I suggest you do this step on alts right after Broken Shore scenario asap. Dailies could wait, this – can not.

As expected, the spec questlines repeat themselves for different classes.

Aurinko discovered that Shadow spec questline is absolutely the same as with Frost Mage weapon. For Holy, they sent her to Gilnean village in Val’sharah, and she spotted some moonkin druids there – most probably doing the same questline. For Discipline, I have to go to Highmountain, but I haven’t been there yet.

Tip: it maybe cool to complete every spec quest before turning them in. Then you will have to complete only one Council of Six ritual for all weapons.

I won’t do this, as I want my moment of glory with every weapon separately :)

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